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How Can You Stop Expecting Anything From Others?

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How can I stop expecting anything from others? After all, am I not the primary person that owes me everything? Too many times do we put on others the responsibility we should put on ourselves. I think it’s completely fine to have expectations, but it’s imperative that we stop expecting from others.

We’ve become so reliant on others to feelin good about ourselves, we’ve weakened ourselves. In other words, our strength, the way we feel about ourselves has become what others feel. This means we are only as good looking as we’ve been told we are. We’re only as smart as the praises we get. And we’re only as useful as the usage people get out of us. Stop expecting. That’s why the only reason we lose ourselves is because we’re expecting too much from other people.

Our expectations of ourselves have been overridden by the opinions of others. I’ve learned a long time ago to allow myself to reign over my own kingdom. What’s the point of being appointed King if I’m allowing others to govern my castle. At the end of it all, I’ve been appointed for a reason right? I know it’s easy to say because the saying is easier than doing.  Because of this, I will list the things you can do to stop expecting anything from others below:

Validate Yourself

Don’t expect the validation of others to dictate who you are or where you stand. Take ownership. Doing things with the intent of gaining the acceptance of others is a recipe for failure. Everyone has an opinion and no one’s opinion should ever gain precedence over yours. While they think, you should already know. It’s just that simple.

Whatever they think of you, you should already be thinking more. Who better to know of the matter than the export himself/herself/itself. We are all experts of our abilities and only our views on ourselves matter. Nobody else’s.

Stop Expecting Others to Praise You

stop expecting

Growing up, I know what praise from others meant to me. The funny thing is that I measured myself, my progress by the praise I received from others. The only thing was that was I only felt as good as the praise I received. This meant that when my not receiving praise took away from the feelin I felt, causing me to lose apart of myself. Therefore, I had no clue how to stop expecting from others what I should have been expecting from myself.

All of the powers that I possessed was given to the outside world. I was so dependent on them that I had failed to hold myself accountable for acknowledging myself. Your efforts, your success, no one can measure the way you do. When no one else is watching, only you know the work you put in, the sacrifices you’ve made. Honor yourself, praise yourself, because only you know how much you deserve it.

Don’t Look for Motivation Outside of Yourself

Too many times do I hear, “No one was there for me when I needed them most. I did this alone.” Along with those words come sadness and a lot of pain. This pain isn’t more about the journey than it is about enduring that journey alone.

With all honesty, the journey is yours and should always be, so stop expecting others to take it with you. Only you know what that journey means to you why it is important that you take it. You are the only one responsible for your dreams. In addition, motivate yourself. Get up when you don’t feel like it, push through when it hurts, and put aside the temporary fun for the sake of this long-term goal.

No one will ever understand what your dream means to you. Stay motivated at all times because what’s worth having isn’t always the easiest. Many sacrifices will need to be made. At times you feel like you’re giving up so much, but if you push through, you’ll experience the reward. Don’t expect others to understand what they cannot see, because it is what you can’t see that will push you. Furthermore, only you know how it will feel when you get there. Hang in there, one thing I do know is that you got this!

Stop Expecting Others to Brings You Joy the Way You Should

stop expecting from others

We all want to feel happy, but we must accept that no one can provide it to us. It is true that being around someone may bring you more joy. Just keep in mind that it is temporary because once they leave, so is the joy they bring. Get yours!

It’s inside of you whether you realize it or not. It’s only buried deep inside of you. Covered with all of the doubt, pain, and the hurt you may have experienced over the years. Stop expecting others to dig out the joy you have inside of you for you have what it takes. You know where it is and what stands in its way. So do right by yourself and take the proper steps to unlayer those things. One layer at a time, you can start to feel the increments of improvement that awaits you.

Be your greatest fan, your best friend. Smile knowing that you have so much in you that the world needs. Acknowledge your gifts and how it has contributed to your journey. Celebrate your existence constantly because YOU MATTER.

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