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How Freedom and Self-Control Work Hand In Hand

Freedom and self-control go hand in hand because, in order to free yourself, you must first own yourself. One of the most amazing things about life is our ability to live freely, on our terms. Those that refuse to adjust to the life we choose should mean nothing.

Self-control is the power you represent and its precedence over all things. It represents ones ability to live wholely without having to consent to the opinions of the world. It represents the pride we hold in being beautifully different in our own eyes.

Once you realize you don’t have to answer to the outside world, you meet freedom. Self-control is realizing that someone’s inability to acknowledge our beauty is only a sign of their own self-neglect. The key to staying in control is accepting the right we have of not internalizing the external viruses. You know, the naysayers, abusers, or anyone standing between us and the freedom own.

The Road to Self-Control

I use to be the biggest advocate of respect. You know, R-E-S-P-E-C-T? I believed in it so much that I believed it was worth dying for. That went out of the window as soon I realized what respect was based on. You see, I had based my whole foundation on a world that allowed people the keys to my life. In essence, I had lost complete control over who I was as a person. I mean, how could I allow myself to move to someone else’s beat, right?

Respect meant that I had given myself permission to react when others crossed the imaginary line. It wasn’t until later did I realize that I had been allowing others to define me. Whenever I felt I was being wrongly depicted, I gave myself permission to lose control. This meant that the self-control I needed was put aside ‘for the time being’.

Every time I reacted, I’d been surrendering my powers. To think that I’d been investing in lies rather than living in my truth. Freedom and I met when I understand the difference between what they chose to believe and what I knew. Sefl-control meant that I had to walk in my truth and not in that of others. Therefore, I now had the opportunity of being the bystander instead of the participant. I was now able to attentively listen without internalizing the false narrative.

Through self-control, I found the freedom to analyze the narrative. I was able to recognize it didn’t align with me and had no reason to react. Therefore, I had been set free!

Freedom is Yours to Keep

Freedom is yours to keep if you choose to do so. It’s your choice. The less you find yourself reacting to things in this world, the more control you will have found over your life. The more you maintain this self-control, the longer your shield will be able to resist negativity. It is definitely alive, but it doesn’t have to be live inside of you. Choose freedom.


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