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How Helping Others Makes You Happy

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Living in such a self-absorbed world, it’s easy to lose sight of the effect of helping others. We say that it is better to give than it is to receive, but how is that possible? Aren’t we often conditioned to find joy in the things that come our way, more so than what we give away?

Well, there is a multitude of reasons why this is true. So here are a few reasons why helping others tends to make us happy.

Nothing Like Purpose

When we volunteer ourselves, there’s a sense of purpose that comes along with it. There’s a sense that we are now working towards something greater than self. When you realize the power we possess in the lives of others, you feel invested, even needed. When helping others makes you feel needed, you tend to experience more happiness.

Think about it. When you’re dedicated to helping others, you have no time to be absorbed by your own ways. And when you’re focused on others, you find yourself well surrounded. Along with that a decreased feeling of loneliness.  A study conducted nearly a decade ago proves that those who interact less with the outside world experience depression.

Social media has been a driving force towards crippling these connections. The more we spend time virtually connecting, the less we create time towards the physical. Therefore, the more we focus on helping others outside of the virtual realm, the more relationships we build.

Helping Others Bring Great Rewards

Every time I’ve ever helped someone, client or not, I feel a sense of accomplishment. When you think about it, the more we accomplish, the more successful we feel. The accomplishment we feel when we give ourselves only to see results feels rewarding.

helping others

The sensation that helping others gives off is unmatched. Because the only thing that it requires is our time alone. Within that time, our complete presence in showing up for a cause far greater than ourselves. When we do so, magic happens.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Much research reveals that the more grateful we are, the healthier and happier we’ll be. Serving others is the greatest unspoken need life gives us. That’s because helping others helps put your life into perspective.

That attitude of gratitude gives you the light to appreciate the little things we tend to overlook. Living such a life keeps us further away from depression. I love the saying that giving is living because I believe in my heart that it is true. It is from the most challenging times in my life I was able to find that to be true.

Through these times I found that helping others connected me to my purpose. From my purpose, the ability to connect and build. No greater feeling exists when I am busily absorbed by my own desires or lack thereof.

As I love to say, life is a beautiful place to live. That’s because life is far greater than just our individual desires. Life is about how we fit in an ecosystem that benefits all. And the only way we create such is by helping others that lack gain.

This happens when we work outside of ourselves in creating something we all can be proud of. When we can be proud of how our contributions shift the world, purpose lives. And when we’ve connected with our purposefully, our entire existence on this earth magnifies. That my friend is true living.

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