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How to Avoid Negativity and Feel Happier

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The best way to experience a happier life is by continuing to avoid negativity. It’s everywhere. Therefore, in order to maintain that feelin, we must do what we must to avoid negative thoughts. But with a world driven by social media sharing the world’s opinion, how do we do so?

I love a good time. As a matter of fact, I’m sure the majority of us do. But I had to learn, through my growth, that it didn’t have to be at the expense of someone else? Meaning, I didn’t like the idea of someone else feeling bad as a result.

Because I wanted to avoid negativity completely, I had to choose a different approach. In other words, if one person had to feel bad for the rest of us to feel happier, it wasn’t worth it. At the end of it all, I didn’t like the negative energy, so why would I want to give it?

I could always remember loving the smiles, but remember the look of the that had to pay for it. Throughout the journey of my growth, I knew that the was something I no longer wanted to entertain. I knew that if I wanted to stay away from negativity, I had to be willing to not contribute to it.

Avoid Negativity Through Positive Speaking

avoid negative thoughts

In order to stay away from negativity, we have to avoid negative self-talk. Too many times do we fill our minds with self-doubt promoted by the words we feed our minds. What do you want out of your life as it pertains to your dreams? How have you been able to talk yourself out of achieving that dream?

Achieving our dreams and goals requires that we avoid negative thoughts, whether it be from others or that of our own. Whatever we want to experience or achieve should be complemented by what we keep on our minds every day. In other words, your thoughts are connected to the actions, the output.

The best way to block negative energy is by drowning yourself in gratitude. We have so much more to be thankful for than we could ever imagine. It’s not always about what we want, it’s about what we currently have. It’s okay to want something, but what we want blinds us from what we have, it becomes a problem.

Be grateful for life, for, without it, nothing else really matters. Without it, there is nothing for us to dream, nor achieve. Never forget that, for there is no better way to avoid negativity than such.

Stay Present So That the Moment is Fully exploited

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Stay present, stay in the now. Because when you think about it, in the moment, nothing else matters. That is where happiness lives. To stay away from negativity, one must fully exploit the moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. That’s where that feelin lives.

The moment presents life, an opportunity, along with infinite smiles. With each breath an opportunity and with each opportunity, a reason to smile, a reason to feel happier. Therefore, if we are to avoid negativity, we ought to live in a space that promotes life, the remedy. When you’re truly living, nothing else matters.

Living starts today, NOW, so live within the space it introduces itself. No need to search outside of its realm. If you stay here, I promise you that negativity shall find no shelter within you.

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