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How to be Happy with “Nothing”

Before you can find true joy with the things you have, you must first learn to be happy with nothing. We are all on a mission to attain a piece of our puzzle we believe will fit our masterpiece. Unfortunately, many continue their focus on temporary gains.

Everything we see on television will eventually expire. Therefore, if you’re looking to be happy, it will only last so long. The fact is, we all have a depiction of what happiness is. And somehow, we all believe we have an idea of getting there. “If I can get a little money it’ll be perfect,” my friend Jonathan once said.

Little did he know that when he would reach there, nothing would change. I would see him a few years later at the market while shopping. When I asked him how things were, he didn’t share much excitement. “Not sure this life is all it’s cracked up to be. Get’s lonely bro,” he said. After speaking with him and others, I noticed how outward our searches tend to be.

What happens when we get it? How do we feel? Do we feel vindicated? It is over? I mean, what next? That always tends to be the question. It’s not until obtaining, do we sometimes realize just how little we’ve gained. That’s why it’s important to be happy with nothing in order to create something sustainable.

Be Happy Without Having Anything

The only way to create such happiness, we must first start to appreciate o

ur existence. Without gratitude, one may find it hard to appreciate the many great things they possess. It’s easy to overlook what you have on your pursuit of “financial happiness”. Realistically ask yourself, “If I had nothing, would I be happy?”Many would probably say, “But how can I be happy with nothing?”

Look around you. You’ve been given an amazing playground to explore. This thing called life is amazing. Look around you. Use your senses. Because

We search for things we’re told are meaningful for no particular reason. Just because. With basic observation, I can see the correlation between what I see on television and what I see around me. It’s working. From the cars we drive to the watches we wear, to the houses we buy, we were all influenced.

if you do, you’ll find there’s so much to take in, so much to enjoy. When you’re in tune with all of the little things you have, you start to see just how grand life is. There’s nothing living than accepting life, riding the wave is presents us. It may not always look gsurf-how to be happyood, but if we accept reality and press forward, we can create something.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan it, but if we accept what is, we change moving forward. We create everything and anything we imagine. Accept what took place, but don’t let reality alter your imagination/dreams. If you change your perspective, you’ll experience how to be happy with having absolutely nothing.

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