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How to Be Satisfied With What You Have in Life

Be satisfied with what you have even when you see things you want around you. It’s easy to see the many things you want, the many things you desire. From the latest fashion to the most exotic of luxury that the multitudes of commercials sell.

With the bombarding of what you ‘need to have’, it’s easy to lose sight of the things you actually need. At times, something you ‘should have’ can be mistaken for what you actually need. What’s even worse is, because of this, our own necessities can easily be overlooked.

be satisfied

Everything you have and possess you should be grateful for. Therefore, how could you be satisfied with more, if you aren’t satisfied with what you have? Too many times do we think that internal happiness is built on our possessions. Because of this, our focus is directed towards accumulating more.

A successful life isn’t built on what we own. Rather, it is built on the appreciation for the things we are blessed to have. To be happy in your life, you must know how to be satisfied with what you have. This coronavirus pandemic has taken so much away from many of us. So many lives have been lost leaving many to be satisfied with life alone.

No greater moment than now has granted us the opportunity to acknowledge this life we have. It’s harder to complain about life when many continue to fall to this virus. If you’re not there yet, then I suggest that you question your focus. What are you currently placing value on at the moment? And how is it blinding you from this current life you are now living? Think about it.

The Little Things

Many of us continue to look for big things to keep us satisfied. Sometimes we think it’s the big house with the white picket fence that brings value. And at times we believe it’s the foreign we park in our driveways that make all the difference. satisfy yourselfBut the truth is, in order to be happy and satisfied, we must acknowledge the little things. Once we immerse ourselves in gratitude for those things, a new world opens up. To be honest, it is the acknowledging of the little things that changed my life.

It wasn’t until I acknowledged the little things around me, that I was able to simplify such a hard journey. I had to give up so much in order to obtain a bachelor’s in civil engineering. Thankfully, although I was seeking, I never forgot what I already possessed. Although I had given up my sports bike, I was now able to appreciate my bicycle. And when my bicycle was out of commission, I was able to appreciate my legs. To cope with the lack of luxury, I had to be satisfied with the basics. The basics are what really allowed me the gratitude I needed.

When my classmates would say, “I don’t know how you do it,” it was apparent that they were unwilling to let go. They were so busy seeing the losses that they couldn’t see everything I already had. Being where I was, I was able to see the value of gratitude. I was able to see just how much of a difference my life would be if I redirected my focus.

To be Satisfied is to Be Grateful

As a child, the toy store was the worse place you could go to. The reason being is because there was so much you’d like with no guarantee of leaving with any. It’s a commonplace for us to bring the toys we wanted for our parents. But if your parents were anything like mine, you’d probably hear, “You have enough toys at home.”

If you were like the average kid, those words didn’t help better things. That’s because the lack of satisfaction for what you currently possessed ignited an unpleasant feeling. The toy in front of you blinded you from what you already had, making it nonexistent. For that moment, the one toy was the only thing you could see, for nothing else mattered.

I had to be satisfied with what I had given up. Because of that, I was able to see what I already had so clearly. For me to feel the life I had, I had to live for today, that very moment. Too many times do our tomorrows take away from our today. For this reason, it was essential that I stayed in the moment.

In the moment, I was able to live out so many things. I not only experienced more, I appreciated more.  Not only did I accept where I was, but I also accepted what I had. Everything I needed was within me. Knowing this made me feel more empowered and capable of achieving this goal of mind. Not for one second did I feel shorted for I had access to the world and everything in it.

Feel the Life You Live

The more you allow yourself to feel the life you live, you are able to see what life has given you. The more you see what life has given you, the more blessings you experience. When you feel the life you live, you satisfy yourself. Satisfying yourself is so much easier when you realize how little you need to endure this life.

Feel the life

You don’t need much when your life is simple. If you need a car, why aim for a Mercedes Benz? Likewise, if you are in need of shoes, why direct your focus towards a pair of Jordan’s? When you focus on the basics, the source, you are able to feel life more. That is because you are more connected to life. You understand that with life, you have way more than you could bargain for.

With life, you are able to feel more for you are more connected to your existence. Understanding the importance and the value of life, you find that you have so much. And when you feel that you have so much, you find very little need for more. That is because the little that you have seems like so much.

If you want to get the most out of your life, show appreciation for it. Acknowledge it as the most valuable thing that is. The last thing you want to do is find that appreciation when it’s too late. The sooner you accept it, the higher the quality of life you live now.

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