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How to Cope With Challenges in Your Daily Life

coping with challenges

Coping with challenges changes from person to person. Therefore, we each deal with life differently. It is true that two people can attend the same event and experience it totally differently. The truth is, the event is only as good or bad as your perception. How do you perceive this experience? Are you grateful for certain parts, or are you taken away by the entire experience?

Life is a great place to live. But it’s all based on how you perceive it. It’s all based on how you choose to respond to unfamiliar territory. It’s easy to allow a particular part of an event to ruin the entire thing. I know that life has challenges. But if we break it down just a bit, we’ll see that our blessings outweigh our condemnations.

I can’t deny that life doesn’t have its challenges. That’s why coping with challenges isn’t always easy for many of us. But one thing I can’t deny is the many beautiful moments it provides us all with as well. It is constantly providing us with opportunities in life itself. It is giving us the opportunity to live fully. The question is, how are we receiving it.

I pray that by the end of this post you’ve experienced a shift in focus.

Coping with Life Things Never Stay the Same

coping with challenges

Believe it or not, things will never be the same. The only thing that is constant in life is change. Therefore, our greatest asset is how we embrace life and its constant changes. It is never really about what happens. It’s always about how we adapt to it.

Dealing with challenges isn’t easy. Let me get that out of the way. But limiting our experiences in life isn’t either. Therefore, what is it are you willing to trade in for it? Your focus will be your greatest adversary. In order to sustain a TRUE living, it will require a constant shift.

Coping with life means that we must constantly shift our focus to get the most of it. As I mentioned before,  life is constantly providing us with so many blessings. How do we receive them when they come is the question? Better yet, is our focus in a right place to acknowledge it.

Energy goes where focus goes. I remember hearing this at a Tony Robbins event years ago. And when you think about it, it makes sense. You can either focus on the one thing you want that you lack. Or you can focus on all the many things you have in spite of not having it. Gratitude.

When We Change Our focus We Change Our Lives

coping with challenges

Life is a beautiful place to live, therefore coping with life should be your masterpiece. I will never change my stance on that. When you allow its beauty to be your focus, you will see. Society creates so much distraction that we lose the true meaning of beauty.

True beauty doesn’t fade like most trends. True beauty leaves its stamp where ever it goes. Therefore focusing don’t the beautiful parts of life will give us so much to be grateful for. Are you more fascinated by the latest Balenciaga apparel than each breath that you’ve been blessed to take?

Part of coping with challenges is not allowing our focus to live within them. Part of coping with challenges is embracing them. Most importantly, we must never allow any event to destroy this great beautiful picture we’ve been painting.

To sound like a broken record would be an understatement. But we are all going through life and life is constantly happening. All of our focus should be on the quality we are aiming to create. All the outer noise around it we should never allow ourselves to be distracted by.

Coping With Challenges Sometimes Means Letting Go

The best thing you can do at times is let go. Why fight a battle unworthy of a fight. Let go. You’ll find that although you’ve done nothing, you will have done a lot. Not doing anything at all doesn’t mean you’ve given up. It just means that you’ve acknowledged what matters most.

coping with challenges

When you value a true quality way of life, things that matter become the driving force. And when the focus becomes what truly matters, your challenges will have changed. What you will have once labeled a challenge now becomes another step up towards your rise.

We’ll see that coping with challenges isn’t really the focus. It’s the finding appreciation for the many blessings that present themselves within it. Gratitude, I can’t say enough about it. Be grateful every day. Be grateful all the time. We all have an abundance of things we fail to acknowledge.

Whether it be wisdom or whether it be understanding. It may be the way your smile lights up a room or even the way your word stands for something. Maybe the number of breaths you took. I couldn’t even begin to list as I know there be so many. That’s right, so many things for us all to be grateful for.

Therefore, the best way to cope with life challenges is to let life be. It is happening. So don’t always be fighting against it. Like water, allow life to take form through your acknowledging its many blessings.

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