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How to Develop a Growth Mindset to Thrive in Challenges

develop a growth mindset

What does it mean to develop a growth mindset and what advantages does it bring? Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychologist from Stanford University, along with her colleagues were interested in student attitudes. They wanted to know how their attitude contributed to their success or failure.

Through the team’s research, they were able to find that students that believed in a positive outcome experienced it. What you believe you are capable of, your brain acknowledges. Therefore, keeping away from a fixed mindset and allowing a fluid mindset. In other words, allowing things to be so that you are able to flow more.

In order to develop a growth mindset, you have to be able to see the benefit of growth. We all experience the ‘comfort effect’. To put it another way, many of us find it hard to adjust to change. But the truth is, life is constantly changing. But the question is, how willing are you to adapt to it all?

Growing Pass A Fixed Mindset

No need to hold on to something that doesn’t serve you. It’s important to fill the mind with the things you want so that you give yourself a chance at achieving them. What are you looking to achieve and how is your way of thinking contributing to your getting there?

All it takes is a shift in thinking. With this shift in thinking invites an opportunity for you to overcome challenging events. A fixed mindset restricts while developing a growth mindset sets you free. It gives you the power to create all of the things you desire, all the things you believe.

open mindset

Life will throw you a curveball when you least expect it. For this reason, it’s important to thrive in challenges. I like to use the term adventures. That’s what life is all about. The challenges stretch us to being our better version if we allow them to. But understand what we want and our ability to attain it is key.

Think about it. Difficult times done exist unless we label them as such. What we say about any given moment is what it in turn becomes. That’s the beauty to develop a growth mindset. In other words, the way we define our lives is the way we end up living it. Enjoy this adventure and everything it represents. It’s not against you, it’s for you. Even though it may present itself as a failure, it’s up to you and what you believe to turn it into a win.

How to Change Your Mindset

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to breathe a little. Be not so rigid that you are unable to move when you really need to. Be patient with yourself. Life is a process, a process worth living through. Just when we think that we’ve been knocked back a few steps, allow yourself the chance to regain your footing so that you move forward again.

What’s your purpose? If you don’t have something to work towards, where is your opportunity at growth? In order to stretch oneself, one must have a goal, a destination worth fighting for. How does it look like in your mind?

growth mindset

The best way to make it through this live is by getting away from the fixed mindset and being more adaptive to life as it comes. Embrace your imperfections and challenges for they are all opportunities to grow. No need to run away from what contributes to your adventure. It’s not about the adventure, it’s more about how you define it.

New experiences make for an opportunity to grow. Developing a growth mindset through opening ourselves to these opportunities is key. Embrace the things that trigger us and be mindful as to what they are so we are better able to redefine them for our benefit.

Having an open mindset opens many doors to you. It creates an other option to the many you already have. Be aware of your focus for your focus dictates your destination. It’s like the navigation to your life, the one you allow yourself to experience.

Develop a Mindset that Encourages More Growth

What’s your growth worth do you? How do you take feedback from others? Remember, many opportunities present themselves for us. But are we actually taking advantage of it? Because if you can learn you can grow. Celebrate these moments every single chance you get. Every celebrates incites the next moment of growth. And each moment of growth improves the growth mindset we all look to obtain.

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