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How to Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life

find your passion
What is success to you? While some find their passion in living, many define it differently. In other words, it differs from one person to the next. While some consider success a successful career, others may lean on a loving family or social connections. As they say it, “Whatever rocks your boat.”

Finding your purpose isn’t just a word in itself. It’s actually a way for each of us to measure our quality of life. Not only does it contribute to a happier life, but it also contributes to a happier one. As a matter of fact, society has no plan for our purpose in life. On the contrary, it only prepares us for the nine to five.

Why Finding Your Purpose is Necessary

Many studies have proven that those with a sense of purpose tend to feel more control over their lives. Not only that, but they even tend to live longer. It not only affects their drive but their well-being as well. Additional research links someone finding their purpose to improving health conditions.

When you find your passion, your purpose follows. And when that happens, you no longer have to negotiate between obtaining wealth and meaning in your life. If that is not a clear indication of the value it provides I don’t know is.

find your passion

When you find your passion, you’re not only able to define yourself, but you’re also able to determine your path in life. When you determine your path, you are better able to see where you’re going. I mean, isn’t that what finding your purpose is all about? Because without it, your life lacks the meaning it requires to shine.

Give to Live

Part of finding your purpose is finding life itself. Therefore, if you’re not giving it’s hard for me to believe that you’re actually living. Meaning, if you’re not adding value to someone’s life, you’re not full.

If you want to know how to find your passion, you have to know what fills you. And one thing that fills us all is our ability to add value to someone else’s life. That is why giving is living. That’s the secret to life itself. If you’re not adding some form of value, then what are you here for?

Discovering your purpose includes finding the best way you are about to contribute to those around you. How do you make people feel? In other words, when those you encounter walk away from you, how do their lives change for the better?

Living with purpose enhances your life drastically. Whether you choose to contribute your time at shelters serving meals or contributing your time, it counts. It’s those very things that you commit to that are greater than your life alone that make all the difference.

Indulge Yourself in What Makes You Move

Living without addressing our self-interest brings us no personal excitement. What do you love to do? Your purpose in life includes doing things that contribute to your enjoying your life experience. Do you enjoy playing basketball? Well, spend some time at the park with friends feeding that desire. It’s necessary. You’ll thank yourself later. It may just be a tool in helping you find your passion.
Do you enjoy certain topics? Find a way to contribute more to those topics through constant discussions. If you’re like the many that indulge in social media, why not find and share those topics with others?
find your passion

Are you into photography much? Why not invest time in visiting iconic scenes so that you capture their beauty. If you’re like me and enjoy connecting with people, connect, speak, and share. It makes all the difference in your life and those you speak to. You get to fill your cup and that of those around you.

Finding Your Purpose is Finding Your Life

When you find your passion, you’re find something worth looking forward to. And when you’re able to look forward to something, you create your excitement, your reason for being. We all need a reason to live. Why wouldn’t we? If not, then our existence means nothing.

My purpose in life is far greater than me because it inspires me. The reason it inspires me is that it’s beyond me. It represents me and what I discovered I mean to this world. I believe are all here for a reason. Finding your purpose allows you to fuel your soul, it fills you up.

I wake up every single day thinking of ways I can contribute life to those in need. I find that many live, but not many are alive. I realized that walking alone doesn’t prove you’re living because far too many mummies continue to roam. In other words, many live a dead life that goes unnoticed.

Now is your time. Discovering your purpose is essential, necessary for not only you but for the world. We may not be apart of the world, but our quality of living contributes to it. We are all energy and we are all affected by each other’s presence. Therefore when you step out into the world, understand the role you play in making it all turn. You are more of a contributor than you can ever imagine.

You not only walk for yourself, but your light allows others to walk through you. So, find your passion so that you glow. Because when others see you, they too can carry apart of your shine forward.

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