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How to Handle Worries About the Future Efficiently

handle worriesDon’t worry about anything that isn’t. In other words, if it doesn’t exist, no need to place too much focus on it. Yesterday is gone. The future has yet to come. But today, this moment remains the most significant.

Before we even continue, it would be nice to know what worry means. The Mariam-Webster defines worrying as mental distress or agitation resulting from concern usually for something impending or anticipated. Based on the definition provided, worrying too much about the future can cause mental distress. Why put ourselves through so much over something that hasn’t even yet taken place?

We tend to handle worries differently from other aspects of our lives. It’s almost as if we allow a glimpse of doubt to live within. We worry about a bill if we don’t have the funds to cover it. We torment ourselves if we happen to miss an appointment. And if that’s not enough, we even tend to worry when our expectations aren’t met.

While it is understandable that it may be hard for us to stop worrying about the future, there is a way. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the future. But it doesn’t help when the present moment has to pay for it. So weighed down by tomorrow, the present may be forced to shift.

Handle Worries with Grace

My peace and happiness mean far more to me than anything in this world. That would be a price I wouldn’t be willing to pay. The power of awareness helps us create solutions instead of drowning ourselves in ‘problems’. Awareness creates opportunities while worrying about the future issue creates a quicksand effect.

Ever been out at a restaurant, only to receive the check to realize that you’ve misplaced your wallet? I know this feeling far too well. I didn’t stop worrying until I got home and found my wallet there waiting for me. These types of experiences make me realize how costly my moments become when my focus lives in the future. stop worrying

Just in case you were thinking about what worrying about the future can cost you, please see below:

  • It feels your mind with loads of thoughts that weigh you down.
  • When you choose to handle worries all the time, it makes it hard for you to navigate in your every
  • day life.
  • Worrying about the future is only a chain reaction that leads to even more worrying.
  • It swallows the present moment and replaces it with the moments that have both passed and have yet to come.
  • Most of the time, worrying makes you feel worse.
  • Last but not least, worrying about the future only keeps you in the future, separating you, even more, from the present moment.

There is a difference between what life is and what we make it to be. If we live in the reality, rather than the illusions our minds create, we’ll find peace there.

Take Control of Your Present by Letting the Future Go

What do you believe you can control? Can you fix it? Is there anything you can do to prevent what is happening or what has already taken place?

Too many times does worrying create the feeling of loss. When you cannot control, it’s best that you let go. Focus on the things you can control and allow the things you can’t be. Trust your future. It’s coming whether you are ready or not. No matter how you plan it, the outcome isn’t promised. You’re worrying about them makes no difference. It not only empowers you, but it also refocuses your mind. So stay here, NOW.

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