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How to Let Go of Someone that Holds You Down

hold you down

Someone that holds you down isn’t the best person to hold on to. If anything, if they’re in the vicinity you might want to consider going the other way. We’re not being weird, we’re just being safe.

Your energy, your state of mind, and your mental state is something worth protecting, aren’t they?  How we show up in this world is a testament to how well we’re fed. Therefore, the ones that hold you down should never be mistaken for those that hold you up.

We are all on our different journeys. We all aspire to mirror this idea of life we’ve subconsciously created. Sometimes your vision creates a response from others. They speak about what they don’t understand because your vision isn’t clear to them.

When someone holds you down, it’s a testament to their limited ways. Those that are bound by their lack of faith or confidence may sometimes misunderstand. And that’s fine because your vision isn’t for them to see. It is only for you to make true.

Let Go and Let Through

Despite our limitations, we are all blessed with one thing. LIFE. And with this one borrowed entity we all take for granted its existence. Our goals, dreams, and commitments we prolong. Instead of keeping the ones that raise you, you carry the one that holds you down.

It’s important that you let go of the undeserving so that you make room for those that matter. Those are the ones that not only believe in you through works but by faith. The one that holds you down is the one that is blinded by their personal limitations. And that my friend, is none of your business.

There is never a need for you to take on more than you need to. Stand clear of the ones that try to hold you down for the sake of their own build. You know, those that only celebrate their wins. They are unable to win without their holding the trophy up high. Beware. Better yet, be aware so that it’s clear.

Parting from Those that Hold You Down

hold you down

1. Give Space. Give not the space or time to those unworthy of celebrating your presence. Your energy, your essence, everything you represent deserves a celebration. Those that fail to take part of it should be free to go.

2. Feed Wisely. Be wise as to what you put in your body and mind. Those who have nothing filling to offer tend to hold you down. If the food doesn’t sustain you it’ll weigh you.

3. Take Time Alone. Too many times do we devote ourselves outward. So much so that we fail to give ourselves the time we deserve. When you’re constantly showing up for yourself it’s easier to spot the ones that hold you down.

4. Growth Over All Things. We are all experiencing this current journey, but only through growth can we evolve. Therefore those that fail to build hold you down in ways that affect the very future you seek to build.

Letting go is always best when things outweigh you. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means you’re fully aware of what you deserve and how you deserve it. Be the definition before they try to define you. You are all that you know you are and more. Embrace you and let go of those that don’t.

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