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How to Live a Life Beyond Limits

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Living life beyond limits to some people sounds unattainable and to other reckless, but it’s not. Unattainable in the sense that the kind of life you might aspire to might be very lofty. Reckless in the sense that living such limitless life might quickly escalate and go awry. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of living a life that is beyond limits.

Though everyone has goals and dreams to achieve, not everybody goes on to achieve them. Why is this, you may ask? This is because most of us allow our limitations to hold us back. We let doubt and fear take centre stage in most of our decision making hence boxing us into a corner. Doubt and fear will not avail you of the opportunity to spread your wings and take flight to your goal.

We would be highlighting some of the ways you can nudge yourself away from that limiting mindset. I would be sharing some of the tips I have used, which have definitely worked for me in my quest of leaving the boxed lifestyle. Now I am living life beyond limits in full. Let’s dive in.

change your mindset

Sometimes we have to reboot our mind and do some reset to free us of some caging situations. To really live a life beyond limits, we have to develop a culture of quickly unlearning to relearn. Why, you might ask? This is the only way to quickly and surely adapt to the ever-changing world around us.

live beyond limit

Resetting your mindset allows for fresh ideas, fresh feelings and renewed energy to enable you to thrive in whatever situation you find yourself. Only when you reset your mind in a difficult situation can you visualize new ways of solving the problem.

reach for the unknown

Now, this is big. This has been one of my fears for as long as God knows. I have always been afraid to try new thing, get a new job, relocate to a new etc. All because of the fear of the unknown. That same spirit of fear whispers in my ear – “What if the Job is worse off?”. “What if you dont make new friends when you relocate”? The what if’s are really quite a lot. But like it, not the only way to overcome your limitations is to embrace the obscure.

Take on something new, be open-minded. Staying within your comfort zone doesn’t do help much. To live a life beyond limits requires to step out into the uncertain. Take your chances with success or failure but make sure the chance is a reckless one. Assess the pros and cons (but never dwell too much on the cons), then make that move. Only then can you live beyond limit.


Weaknesses equals limitations, and since we are trying to live beyond them, we have to eliminate them. Most people sweet talk you into believing you have no weaknesses, encouraging you to focus on your strength. But hey, that isn’t true. Everyone has flaws, and like it or not; they take away from whatever strength you may have. So you either turn them into strengths or get rid of them entirely. Living beyond the limits requires that you have nothing tugging on your shoes as you thrust forward and onward. So make sure you dont have that by annihilating those weaknesses.


life beyond limit

Most people do not want freedom because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility – Sigmund Freud. To be free and live a life that is beyond limits, you have to take on responsibilities. If you are currently saddled with the one you find you can manage or deal with, you should take on a more daunting one. This point back to the earlier point of stepping out into the unknown. Taking up greater challenges builds up your grit. It makes you more resilient, and in time you find that you can take on almost anything life has to throw at you. That is Freedom. Taking up greater challenges helps you get more comfortable outside your comfort zone.


Ok, so I am not advising that you get a wife or husband. Sometimes all you need is someone to encourage you. They can help you realize your strengths and keep motivating you to attain that life beyond limits. These should be people whom you trust and whom you are sure can be hard on you even when you seem to be at your wit’s end. A friendly smile file, a gentle nudge there and some counselling here, and you find that in little or no time, you are out and away.

Pushing yourself beyond your limit allows you to achieve and become everything you ever wanted to be. The tips above can help you in a great way to quickly attain that and have a fulfilling life.


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