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How to Make the Best of Bad Situations

make the best

Every event isn’t always ideal, but to make the best of bad situations is what allows us to navigate through life. Life is 10% what we’re given and 90% what we choose to do with it. Therefore, when you think about it, life is always on our side. Life is always happening for you, only waiting for you to take ownership of what it is you want.

Life is unpredictable, but it is always up to us to create life as we want it. At the end of it all, it doesn’t really matter what comes of life, it only matters what comes of us. How does life look and what can we do to complement it with our vision? Remember, no matter what happens, we have the responsibility to make the best of it all.

The world around us is constantly changing. What was once unacceptable becomes the norm. Therefore, keeping up tends to be a challenge. In order to protect your joy, you have to be willing to adjust. Just because something doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. Let it go.

I always wondered why people would run out of gas and wake up the next morning still talking about it. It’s a new day already right? Let it go. To make the best of any situation is to accept what’s more important at the moment. In other words, the understanding that nothing is more important than the joy you seek.

All sorts of routes exist. There are those that are created and there will be those awaiting for us to create. The opportunity is there if we redirect our focus towards where it needs to be. Don’t let a moment freeze your ability to create life. You deserve it.

Make the Best of All Things

Life is one of the most amazing games you’ll ever get to play. There are no firm rules to live by if you allow yourself the freedom. It’s important to create lifeconstantly create life so that it doesn’t pass you by. When you really think of life as an adventure, no longer do you find a need to exit the present.

Staying in the present allows you to experience it more fully. It helps you make the swift decision to stay on track. To make the best of every present moment we must understand how our reactions affect it. We must accept that holding on to anything that doesn’t build us, breaks us. It’s just that simple.

If you aren’t being built, then there’s no progress. Your reaction to any event should always align with the script you are looking to write. My wild guess is that you enjoy your life and that you’d love to continue doing so. Therefore, in order to protect that joy, you have to accept it as your only route. In other words, when something arises, we have to be willing to not allow ourselves any other option.

The quality of our lives should always take precedence over anything. When you create life on that foundation, you create something sustainable. And nothing should come in the way of that. So what you caught a flat tire. Isn’t that what the replacement tire is for? Who cares that care cut you off. Haven’t you done it before? Despite the event, the most important thing is maintaining that life you love.

Letting Go OPens Doors to Opportunity

There is no need to hold on to anything getting in the way of our wanting to create life. Labeling things as problems can freak us out. But labeling them as adventures leaves us no worries. Therefore no need will there be for us to panic nor worry.

I remember catching a flat tire biking home. As soon as I realized that the journey had been compromised, I would have to keep going. So I picked up the bike, threw it on my shoulder, and kept it moving forward. The eye on the prize mentality is the one I maintain so that I am reminded as to what really matters.

No event put before you should have any power over the event of joy you swim in. The flow the ocean of joy brings you should always be monitored and tended to. When your joy is nonnegotiable, it all becomes possible.

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