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How to Overcome Fear

How can you overcome fear in such a fearful world? Many of us are affected by the things we see on television/media. In other words, many of us allow ourselves to be formed by the things that we’re fed, rather than the things we experience and create.

I remember taking a psychology class back in college. When the topic of fear came up, I was really excited. I wanted to understand the science behind it. Therefore, expanding my understanding of its true source. Shockingly, I learned that fear could possibly be positive.  I would later go on to read many articles discussing fear being a positive thing.

Although I understood the philosophy behind it, I also understood the origin as well. I don’t believe that we were born fearful, we became this way. In essence, everything we feared was taught.

The way I started to unfold my different fears I had, I had to revisit the beginning of my life. Between the stories, my mom told me and what I remembered, I was able to learn so much. I’m still unfolding fears while understanding just how fearless we were born to be. The way to overcome fear isn’t really as hard as fear is saying it is.

When I was a child, not only was I adventurous, I jumped right into everything with no hesitation. Although I do understand that everyone is different, I truly believe we all have the ability to overcome fear. We all have the ability to experience our ultimate greatness.

Overcome Fear Through Exploring

The more I explored, the more I realized that’s what my child stage was like. As children, we want to explore, but as adults, we want to protect. Therefore, the possibilities of experiencing the most out of our life decreases. We live to prevent rather than to live to create. That’s fear for you.

Fighting fear isn’t the best way to overcome it. Embracing it makes it so. Anything less than an allergy of some sort, we must question why. Why am I fearful and how does this fear affect my living? Life. Why live fearing when we can live to experience?

The more I gave in to my fears, the more empowered I felt. And the more empowered I felt, the more I came to realize that I didn’t need fear to keep me from harming myself. That’s what my awareness is for. Why navigate life through your fears, when the powers you possess can pave the way?

Let Not Fear Guide You

For some of us that need scriptural proof of our greatness, the bible states, “GOD proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them” –  (Genesis 1:27). That means that when I look in the mirror, there’s nothing ordinary about what it is I am seeing. I am seeing a creator, a man that has the ability to create a life he was born to live.

We tend to accept God and give him all his praises, but fail to acknowledge the being He’s created. In his image we are made, what we possess is limitless. I pray for guidance but live through the being he’s created me to be. We can never be alive unless we wake up the part of us that defines our best the most. In God’s image leaves us no permission to diminish our ability to achieve everything we think and they say we can’t.

We can and we must produce our best within this given life. Give, live, and grow. It’s all a story. And at the end of it all, let not fear be a reason that your script was altered. Be the force you were born to be and give fear a back seat. Let it watch and see you’re limitless. Don’t let be the reason you regret any decisions you make. Life sometimes gives us one shot, so don’t let fear believe it has any control over your life.

Remember, you are the creator. You dictate what limits your God-given gift to produce greatness. Never let any situation or circumstance prove otherwise. If you choose to fear, be fearLESS.

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  1. Colette Azael

    From infancy, you proved you were fearless. Crawled at 6 months old, walked at 9 months. You were never afraid of anything. You learned to ride a bike by yourself. Climbed on top of the roof at four years old. You did it son and I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

    Love, mom

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