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How to Prioritize Yourself in Life

prioritize yourself

The best way to prioritize your life is by being intentional about things. I don’t know about you, but life events tend to shift my perspectives. Every time I forget to put myself first, life has a way of remining me to do so.

To prioritize yourself doesn’t mean your selfish. It just means you care about yourself enough to take care of yourself. Because you know that when you do, you present yourself fully to others. And the more full you are the more you’ll have the ability to give. No better way to give than this.

When I think of making myself a priority, this takes nothing away from my beautiful wife Areeba. It only means that I get to prepare myself in such a way that I show up more for her. You see, when you choose to prioritize yourself, no room for guilt is necessary.

Your intention on choosing to prioritize yourself is for the betterment of all. Because a better you is benefits not only you, but all those that you come in contact with.

What About that Good ol Motor

Think about a motor, for instance. Forgive my car analogy, but I’m a car guy. And plus, I’m sure you’ll get it. Regardless of how nice a car looks without a motor, how would it run? I mean, the purpose of a car is to allow us an ability to move around efficiently. The one thing that allows that is the motor. Therefore without it, what good would the car be, right?

prioritize yourself

Think about yourself for a moment, the motor. You, just like the vehicle, provide some sort of comfort to many in your life. Of those many, a hand full you know nothing about. Therefore, what good are you to them if you’re worth nothing to yourself? When you prioritize yourself, you do just that. You fill yourself more so that more of yourself to give.

Just like any check engine light, we must be aware of our needs. It is important that we constantly check in with those needs so that we’re of more value. Not just to ourselves, but to the many that rely on our being at our best. When you prioritize yourself and focus on yourself, you build something worth sharing. It’s automatic. To feed you is to feed the world. Think about it.

Prioritize Yourelf and What Matters

What matters to you? I mean, what is it that truly matters to you. Out of all of the things that do, I hope that the idea to prioritize yourself resonates. It isn’t something that just becomes a choice, but it becomes a must.

prioritize yourself

Think about it for a second. We feel guilt but doesn’t the rain, prevent our outings so that we can later enjoy the luscious grass and tress later? Must we not take the time to prep a vehicle before performing an oil change? Until the work is done, the car cannot be fully enjoyed.

The same goes for you. Prioritize yourself so that you make sure that everything within you is acknowledged and addressed. Because once that is done, no longer will you need to worry about how you present yourself before others. No longer will you need to think twice of the person you continue to reveal.

Just like any wound, anyone that is properly nurtured is able to provide healing for themselves and others. This loss of my father is still unreal to me, but it does serve as a reminder. And that is the clock is ticking and although his story is over, mine is still being written. The question is, how will I script it?

I’m making myself a priority.

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