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Reconnect with Yourself for Positivity and Happiness

We all long for happiness. The best thing you can do is make yourself happy. Let’s face it, if you don’t, who will? There’s no point in leaving someone else with the responsibility of giving you what you are responsible for giving yourself.

What is Happiness?

make yourself happy

Before I speak on the responsibility you hold in creating your own happiness, maybe we should address what it means. Although it can be referred to as an electrifying or elusive state, it’s more than that. Throughout the years, many have tried to pinpoint exactly what it really is.

Being happy is more than just a positive state of mind. Happiness more of a state of being, an intentional one. At the end of the day, we all long for this feeling not because it’s necessary, but the feeling it brings.

Don’t get so caught up in the word that we fail to embrace its necessity. There’s a beauty in our existence, but more value in the way we live. I mean, we all love the idea of living a life of happiness, but many don’t see the bigger picture. Because being happy isn’t only about you, it’s also a contribution to the world around you as well. How?

Think about how you feel when you see someone happy. How does it make you feel? Although the serving of others adds value to our existence, what good is it if you don’t make yourself happy. Therefore, the amazing thing about filling oneself up is others are filled as well. That is where our existence alone speaks volumes.

Anyone can walk down the street and be noticed, but how many can actually be felt? That’s what happiness does. I don’t know about you, but I would rather people feel my presence than to see me alone. There’s a connection unlike any other. The ability to change someone’s life without physical contact. The ability to give someone a dose of your happiness just by filling yourself up.

Make You Happy to Improve Your Health

One thing that I learned was that no one could make me happy. It was one of my life’s biggest responsibilities. It not only caused an emotional shift, but it also changed the state of my health, both physically and mentally.

being happy with yourself

After coming out of a not so healthy relationship, I set the intention of living a life of happiness. It all started with a decision. That’s all it was. I knew I deserved it for I wanted it for everyone else. Along with that decision came a responsibility, a level of accountability I’d have to hold myself to.

The moment I made that commitment, the question was what was I going to let go of so that I invited it in? I could sit around and think of all the ways to make me happy, but I had to rid of the things that went against it. Sometimes getting isn’t always collecting, sometimes it’s letting go.

I grew up dealing with migraines on a regular basis. The more I walked towards happiness, the more I had to question myself. At this moment, what is more important to me? That’s when I discovered how I contributed to my own unhealthiness. You’d be surprised to know just how your own thoughts play a role in your health, good or bad.

The moment I start to feel the migraines coming, I question if there is anything greater than the happiness I am pursuing. Being happy with yourself means more to you than you can ever imagine. Because when you are, you are more prone to let go of the things that don’t serve you. And most likely, the things that don’t serve you, hurt you.

Happiness is Priceless

make yourself happy

No matter your goals, whether financially or emotionally, none can provide you with the happiness you deserve. Unlike the things you want that require work, happiness if only the uncovering of the things that cloud it. Being happy with yourself isn’t a purchase, nor is it given.

There are no shortcuts. There isn’t a quick fix. The beauty of it all is that we have the rest of our lives to get it right. Therefore there is never any pressure associated with such a pursuit, only a decision for that journey to begin. May that good feelin find you.

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