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How to Release Fear and Toxic Beliefs

toxic beliefs

We were all born free. We’re only restricted once we’re introduced to toxic thoughts of fear. That is why when we release fear, we forever regain the freedom we were all born to live in. To clarify, letting go, is key.

I was just in a group on Clubhouse, The Wisdom of Your Inner Child where many shared their stories. And within that group, we all held something sacred. Long before being introduced to toxic thoughts, were all free. In fact, we were all in tune with who we really were.

In entering this world, we were all presented through our purest form. Although we are all different, we are all shine in our own necessary ways. Our individuality, our presence contributes to this beautiful world we all live in. From the way we that we move, to the way that we speak, to the way that we show up.

In fact, it is our constant reconnecting with our individuality that allows us to release fear so that we truly live. Life serves us all. We’re all constantly going through life. It serves it’s all with it’s beliefs. And at times, it is these very beliefs that come off toxic that can restrain us. With these beliefs comes toxic thoughts that restrict the spreading of our wings.

Who said you couldn’t fly? Who said that you needed to limit yourself from being who you were born to be? Well, it is the very release fearperson that has been injected with this toxic behavior that continues to pass it on to you. We can all regain ourselves if we choose to stop being toxic to our core, our inner truth.

Take Back Your Truth

No one has the power to alter our truth. You are what you are no matter what the world says. The only way to feed into the world’s toxic behavior is by accepting their truth as ours. It’s up to each and every one of us to protect it. In other words, it’s up to us to live it through.

Whatever was taken from you, you have the power to take back. Through your taking your truth back presents the opportunity to release the fear that you’ve been served. Let’s be honest, although it was served, it was still up to you to accept it.

When you accept your truth, your version of true living, you not only avoid being toxic, you’re free. If necessary, re-evaluate your believes. In other words, make sure that what you believe is truly what you believe. Do not fall in the trap of embodying someone else’s beliefs. Remember, what you believe guides you. For this reason, make sure that everything you believe truly represent who you know you are.

Release Fear by Living Your Purpose

What is your purpose? Have you solidified how that looks like? We are not always born know what our purpose is. Sometimes it takes time for us to develop it. Therefore, pay attention to yourself. Because when you do, it will come to you naturally.

release fear

Whether you know it or not, you are actually living your purpose if living organically. Because if you are in constant guidance of your intuition, you are walking naturally in your purpose. You are walking in what you feel instead of what others do.

Are you full? First thing to remember is that, when you are full, you are living purposely. You are not living by accident. But rather, you are walking in full awareness of what you are here to do. Your purpose is what moves you, what makes you feel whole, so tap into it. Don’t let it slip away from you by any means. In conclusion, avoid being toxic by allowing the process to work through you, not without you.



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