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How to Stay Cool and Calm in Frustrating Situations

stay cool and calm

Life constantly serves us with all types of curveballs. No matter the case, it is important that we stay cool and calm when faced with such challenges. I love life not only for the good that it offers but for the things that ignite the good within.

Throughout my journey on this earth, I’ve come to accept both sides of things. I appreciate the good. But most importantly, I appreciate the other components that empower me with a quality living. In other words, I am not only building by the good, but also by the not-so-good. After all, how could I ever appreciate all the good in the world if I didn’t experience the other side of things?

Without the chaos, I would never know the value of peace. Not only that, but I would be well equipped with the different ways to stay calm. It doesn’t matter what is going on around us. The truth is, even within the chaos, there lies peace. Remain cool. Stand still for a bit. Close your eyes if need be.

Just know that the extent of your circumstances lies within the peace you choose to reside in. Just be calm and patient. Things leave as they come for all is temporary. All of our experiences are such. No matter how great or how bad, just know it doesn’t last forever. Enjoy them both as you may as they are both serving us if we allow them to.

Life doesn’t always serve us beauty, beautifully. When you think about it, the most beautiful diamond is found in the soil. While some see it as messy, doesn’t many beautiful destinations take us through the rough as well?

Stay Cool and Calm

calm and patient

Life is always happening for us all. It serves us all the proper tools we need to elevate ourselves. A hammer causes much pain but can do so much good. This specific tool serves its purpose. The question is, how are we using the tools that life serves us with? Are we so lost that we find ourselves cursing the very tool that was made to serve us?

Despite what life serves you, keep calm. The worst thing we could do is create chaos to help cope with a chaotic experience. The reality is, chaos is like fog. You may not be able to see right through it, but there is always a part of it that allows sight. And eventually, it all fades away.

There are two ways we make it through the storm We either wait it out, or we drive right through it. Remain cool. Keep calm and be patient. It always works itself out. I’ve come to learn to let go. I’ve learned to stop trying to control everything.

If you’re anything like I was, “Stop trying to control.” If it’s a struggle for you to get through, sometimes it’s worth it to just let go. Always stay calm, understanding that everything you need is within you. It’s not everything that comes your way you need to take on. There’s a time to take in, and there’s a time to take out. You know the drill. I’d stick with whatever it is that makes you feel good.

Accept it Or Recreate It

Why hold on to things? What good does it for you to store things that are unusable? Stay cool and calm, knowing that everything that will be, will be. Have faith in the process. Because who you will become is far more important than what you’ll obtain at the end.

remain cool

Life is constantly serving us. Not every obstacle is made for us to run through. Maybe, just some of them, we were made to roll with. I must say, the surf effect does wonder. Sometimes it’s ok to accept things for what they are and to embrace them.

I get to live wonderfully because I get to define my experience and decide what I’m going to do with it. Therefore when I remain cool, patient, and calm, things just flow. Every event must be weighed and categorized as you see fit. I decide based on what I believe is important to me at that moment.

If it’s joy that I seek, joy I will follow. But if it is a muscle I must build, then the surfing begins. I love life for this very reason. It continues to show us its preciousness and continues to connect us towards our purpose. Remain cool. Stay cool and calm knowing that everything, I mean everything, is happening for you. How amazing is that!


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