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How to Stop Caring What People Think

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How do we stop caring about what people think? Too many times do we allow our lives to be led by the opinions of others. The question is, how much does that matter to you? We base our every moves on the outside while the inside remains voiceless.

What are your expectations towards others’ opinions?  Does it make you feel safe from judgment? Better yet, do their acceptance mean more to you than your own? I stop caring about what people thought about me the moment I released the freedom that came along with it. The feeling of empowerment is real.

There are the ones you love and your not wanting to disappoint them. After all, the last thing you want to do is upset someone you love intentionally, right? But trying to please someone in exchange for a ‘friendship’ can feel a bit empty. To not care about what others think is not only satisfying, it’s liberating.

I come from a culture where I’m reminded constantly of how others may perceive me. So much so that that becomes the forefront of my thinking. From the clothes I wear to the way I speak, I was aware of the outward. But how many times do we concern ourselves with things that limit our own existence?

Could you imagine being concerned with things that merit no concern at all? It’s almost like sitting home waiting for a break-in that was never planned. Therefore, holding yourself hostage over an unknown. I stop caring the moment I realized the constant restrictions I myself couldn’t understand.

I’ll share with you some pointers to stop caring about what others think so that you can start living again.

If you dare to stop caring about what others think of you, it’s important to understand a few things. First of all, their opinion is their opinion, and not yours. We all have the right to our own opinions. That’s the freedom life allows us. But someone else’s opinion isn’t for you to live by.

Just because someone believes something is true to them, doesn’t make it true to you. That means it isn’t everything that you’re given you have to accept. Whatever you end up deciding, only you will have to live it and no one else. So give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that you are in control of your destiny. You are you, and you should be okay with that.

Accept Who You Are

One of the biggest components of how to stop caring about what others think is accepting yourself. It’s easy to live through others when we fail to embrace ourselves. Therefore we begin to seek outward approval instead of that of our own.

stop caring

Caught up in the ‘LIKE’ world, it’s easy to fall victim to the outside world and their opinions. I know it feels good to receive compliments, but how much weight do they truly carry. Good or bad, I learned to stop caring what others feel because it never remains the same.

I’d been a victim of such until I realized the weight I carried for myself. I was bound under the spell of compliments, building my confidence from others’ opinions instead of what I truly believed. The one thing I did know about me no one had access to. Therefore, their opinions were merely just that, their opinion.

When you accept who you are, you let everyone else know that you’re fine just the way you are.

Stop Caring: Respecting Isn’t Accepting

You possess the power to live, the power to be. I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with one’s opinion. As a matter of fact, I totally respect how everyone feels along with their opinion. To stop caring about what others think doesn’t prevent me from respecting their opinion.

When I stop caring about what others thought about me, that didn’t give me the pass to ignore them. I understood that they had just as much right over their opinion as I had over mine. But my power came to me when I accepted my right not to accept what wasn’t mine.

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