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How to Stop Making Bad Choices and Decisions

From the clothes that we wear to the relationships we choose, along with the amount of money we spend are all bad decisions we sometimes make. In all honesty, that is all apart of life. It has everything to do with our evolving. Therefore, to quit doing that  would take some time and effort.

Although research has proven that a small part of our brain is responsible for decisions, and our repeating them, it’s possible to improve. Just like any habit, in order to form a new one requires practice. With a little bit of awareness and a bit of self love, your decision making can improve immensely.

In order to help break it down for you, there are four tips provided below:

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1. Look to be Well-Informed

Many times do we find ourselves being influenced by the outside source. With so much information being consumed on a daily basis, it may be easy to allow our decisions to be shaped. In order improve and stray away from the wrong decisions, we must find the confidence to challenge and question the information we hear as being factual. Trust your gut and never assume that what you hear is always true.

2. Check the History of Bad Decisions

Making bad decisions aren’t what we are born to do. They are habits we form along our walks of life. If we take a trip down our personal history, we’ll see just how much we fail to learn. So often do we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It’s not because it’s hard for us to overcome it. It’s because it’s emotionally hard to own up to them to begin with.

If there are any areas in your life that you continue to battle with, pay attention. These unhealthy decisions can cost us if we don’t direct our focus towards them.  In other words, it’s very important that we not only own up to them, but just as important to work towards eliminating them.

3. Listen to Yourself

Listen to your inner voice. Despite what the world around you is saying it’s your responsibility to make your own decisions. Nine out of ten times, we know what’s both right and wrong. It’s just that, at times, we allow ourselves to get away with little things. From these little things, they grow into bigger ones. Therefore, when we speak, it is important that we listen.

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Although we are the sole owner of our decisions, it is proven that we are sometimes influenced by others. Our peers tend to give us their views, but unfortunately they may not always align with ours. Be aware of when someone is speaking from your standpoint and when they’re actually speaking from their own.

4. Think About the Bad Decisions You Make

Take the time to think about your decisions for they have the ability to turn into actions. Good or bad, you might to think about the outcome to see just how you can be affected. Bad decisions are easy to come by when you live there, when we fail to think them through.

With a world filled with distractions, we might want to set time aside to ensure that we properly process what’s in front of us. Put the phone away, put a pause on your emails, and don’t send that social media post out just yet. You have a decision to make and it deserves all of your attention. Take the time to think it through so that you start to break the bad decision pattern.

Be patient with yourself. There’s a great chance the decisions you make may not always give you the result that feels good. That’s what growth is all about. You’ll screw up from time to time, but learning is key. Putting some thought behind them puts you in a better position to prevent reoccurrences. Everything you need is within you and everything within you will take you there.

Remember, poor decision making isn’t something we can completely free ourselves from. But it is definitely something we can help minimize. It takes time, thought, and our wanting grow or improve who we are on a daily basis.


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