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How to Transition Into the Calm After the Storm

The scars we bear from the past can weigh us down if we fail to transition into the calm after the storm. A place of reflection, a place of peace. To weather any storm, we must always remember the sacred place we have the ability to tap into.

You see it everywhere you go. Whether it be during your commute to work, at the office, or at the store, the effect of the storm is present. The truth is, there is nothing we can do about what happens in the world around us. With what we’re continually bombarded with, the calm becomes even more necessary. The question is how do we make that transition?

Transitioning Into The Calm

The calm after the storm is necessary because it takes us to a place of neutrality, a place of clarity, a place of peace. It allows us the opportunity to decipher and reflect on any event while bringing us back to center. It allows us a space to rid ourselves with uselessness we’re presented with. In essence, transitioning into the calm is our way of rejecting the very things that go against our life’s mission.

Holding on to things that don’t contribute to our desired way of living only stunts its possibilities. Understanding what we want our lives to look like and how we intend on living it can help guide us there. It keeps us from losing ourselves. When you’ve defined your life direction, it’s easier to peel off the layers that go against its existence.

How the Calm Changed My Life

I can truly say that the transition changed my life completely. As much as I get crap for not following the news, that’s my escape. I’m careful about what I feed my soul, therefore being careful about what enters is important to me. Although I live in the world, I find the importance of sometimes living apart from it.

That is why, every day, I find the time to transition into the calm after the storm the world presents. the calm after the stormThis is so I may reflect on my existence within the world. So that I may see how I have affected or how I have been affected. This calm space centers my soul so that I may continue to walk in my shine. Such shine cannot be dimmed without my permission.

No need to stand in the rain when the sun continues to call your name. Always remember that you have options. To keep up with yourself within this world, the calm serves as a reset, a new surface for you to build on every single day. Take the time to reflect and ask yourself the following questions:

    • Despite what the day serves me, what am I going to do to make it amazing?
    • What will I create with the unpredictable things that may pop up?
    • What have I done to contribute to my betterment?
    • What can I do to serve someone outside of me?
    • At this moment, am I existing, or am I living?
    • Am I sinking or am I building?

Just One Final Thought

These questions not only help keep track of where you are mentally, but they also set the tone for the day. Mentally preparing yourself for the day is what helps create it, for what you feed it, it exposes. So when I say the clam after the storm, I’m saying an opportunity of peace and control over my destiny.


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