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Is Winning Mental Health Possible?

I’m going to attempt to touch on the topic: Mental Health. The truth is, I’m no expert. In other words, I present myself wit pure ignorance with hopes of starting a conversation. My intention is to share my point of view so that I can feed while growing at the same time.

I been there. My state of mind took a hit. It’s a world of darkness that blinded me from so much the world was serving me at the time. I spent little time celebrating and more focusing on temporary events, giving them precedence over what really mattered. Life wasn’t interesting to me at the time. I had a lot to learn and it would take me a minute to get there.

Peace was definitely real. I knew it existed. For the sake of my mental health, I needed a place of peace. I needed a getaway. In other words, the beach is where I called home. Despite the chaos I helped create that home allowed me a place to breathe, to recenter. It allowed me to meditate and create a space where I could hold myself accountable to new standards. I heard the narratives of who they thought I was, but thankfully, I knew the truth.

After a while, due to the state of my mental health, I decided that I wasn’t going to accept the truth of others as my own. I figured why stay there if it doesn’t resonate with what I knew lied inside. It took some time, but it wasn’t until I started to unpeel the truth, that I found it. In other words, I searched deep inside to accept the current truth and how much control I had over it. I came to realize that I wasn’t born with this mindset. In other words, I was once free. And that was something I wanted to feel again. Freedom.

Feed Your Mind So Mental Health Wins

Mental health has become a mainstream topic and has been around for a while now. So many of us continue to struggle with our thoughts and unwanted feelings. The mind is a powerful thing. It only puts out what we feed it. Once I chose to accept the truth and create what I wanted to replace it with the proper feeding was necessary.

My conversations had to change, the people I surrounded myself with needed re-evaluating, and my focus had to shift. The most important of all, I had to accept the possibilities. In order to shift my state of mind, I had to accept the vision of being free. The more it intensified, the more I was able to feel free. I knew it was possible, but it was through work it all worked out.

Through the creator in me, I was able to see what life could possibly be like, if I created it my way. The more I focused on that though, my mental health improved. I was blessed with a broader lense, so that I may always see more than what the moment presents before me. It allowed me a space to appreciate the many perspectives life gifts us.

Truth is, we’re all going through life. We’re all going through it, some more than others. But it’s through our history of overcoming that I grow faith. Society feeds us based on what it needs from us, but we must feed our minds with the things we want to feed our souls.  I’m no expert, but I continue to push through because the feeling I feel is so good when I do. That’s why I believe that winning mental health is possible.

Share Your Thoughts so that I May Broaden My Point of View

2 Replies to “Is Winning Mental Health Possible?”

  1. Mama Sage

    I love that you touched on this topic Giovanni. Many of my friends and family member steer clear of even mentioning mental health concerns. I hope to see more discussions about it in the near future. Keep shining your light, Beloved!

    • Giovanni Azaël

      Thank you Mama Sage. The intent of me writing this, despite the initial fear of backlash, was to share my views based on my experiences with hopes of broadening my perspective on this matter. Without discussion, there can be no growth. The beautiful thing about it is, we can all overcome it if we believe so. 🙏🏾

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