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Key Habits for Building a Better and Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

It’s hard to find success in this life if you’re not building healthy relationships. Through research alone, we find the many benefits that go along with it. These relationships not only help reduce stress but also help develop a greater sense of purpose. In other words, finding yourself in such a predicament contributes to much healthier living.

But just like anything in life, these healthy relationships don’t just happen. It’s a process, one definitely worth taking. I know it’s not as easy with the times, but it’s still possible and necessary. Because in order for us to be challenged, we have to have someone to bounce things off of, right? That’s where the benefit lies in itself.

Without further a due, let’s go over the key habits necessary to help us build a better and healthy relationship.

A Healthy Relationship Feeds Off of Time

Let’s be honest, we are all busy. When you think about it, we have all committed ourselves to something. Whether it be work, school, or extracurricular activities, we’re just booked. And with the new way of things, even among others, we find ourselves disconnected. Which would leave us more connected to our phones. Too many of us have chosen our phones over meaningful, healthy relationships.

With that being said, it’s important that we not only make time but more important that we are present. It’s easy to gain a body, but not as easy to gain a soul this way. To really cultivate a healthy relationship, we need to be fully present. Whoever is texting you can wait. Social Media can wait. What is happening now, in the presence of your relationship is more important than anything outside of it.

With everything you have going on, I can imagine how valuable your time is. But one thing is true. Whatever matters to you must, you’ll create time for. The most beautiful thing we can do in our lives is be present. I understand the busyness of things as we do. But with healthy relationships come the necessary time to truly connect. A space where nothing else matters but this bond we’re looking to nurture.

Communicate to Elevate

healthy relationship

It doesn’t matter what we are trying to build, no better way to maintain it than by communication. Strong communication skills are necessary to building a healthy relationship. Communication is more than just words, it’s also about the things we say without speaking, the nonverbal. Proper communication is responsible for bridging the gap between conversation and understanding. When we talk we speak, but when we communicate, we dialogue, we understand one another more clearly.

Ask Questions; Don’t Assume

What better way to learn and grow with someone than to ask questions. We all have so many things that cross our minds when we meet someone. With this person a multitude of perceptions. Could we have already passed judgment or are we truly taking the time to know who they are? When we ask questions we learn, but when we assume, we think we know. So ask where there is any sign of misunderstanding. Be fair to others by giving them the opportunity to show up for you. At the end of the day, if you don’t ask, how can you ever receive it?

Be Positive for A Better RElationship

The energy we present has the ability to affect the energy around us. Therefore, how we chose the show up will always be the game-changer. It has been proven in studies just how our energy can shift things. It’s also been proven that positivity is the key to a healthy relationship.

Let’s be honest, who wants to be around someone that is always complaining? Our days are hard enough without the negativity, right? I’m sure we could all do without. In order to focus on positivity, we must redirect our focus. Focus on the many things happening for you instead of all of the things you wish you had.

healthy relationship

Celebrate plenty. Despite what we may be going through, things are always happening for us. Acknowledge these things. Acknowledge these people. Years back I made a promise that I would always acknowledge those around me for their energy. Therefore, if someone looks really sharp, I have committed myself to share with them the feeling they brought me. with that, I am not only celebrating my moment, but I am also celebrating theirs. What an amazing great celebration to take part in.

Healthy Relationships Don’t Mandate They Allow

Our greatest beauty is our differences. What we have in common gives us something to talk about, to relate to. But being different, creates conversation, a learning opportunity to learn the world through someone else. We are all riding this wave of life and riding it the best we can. A healthy relationship opens channels that allow each of us to see something more, something beyond ourselves.

Accept others as they are. We are not here to set rules. We are here to create our own. The more open we are to each other’s differences the stronger our bonds. When we accept others, we do more than just that. Subconsciously, we not only accept them, but in turn, we accept ourselves as well. Because when you can accept what you see, you’re more likely to accept what you feel. This just means that we are prone to be more judgmental towards others than ourselves. So by allowing them to be, we give ourselves permission as well.

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