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Know What Makes You a Better Problem Solver

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No one becomes a better problem-solver without an efficient process. Problems go, problems go, so they say. But are they problems really? The way you define an event can dictate the way approach it.

A lot of people believe that being a better problem-solver is a matter of pure intelligence. Although the level of intelligence helps, it’s definitely far from the only component. I know it’s hard to believe because we often confuse skill with intelligence. Although one does help the other, it’s definitely not the only factor.

So intelligence isn’t the only factor, so what is the deal breaker here? I’ll share a few skills that top problem-solvers possess.

Experience along with Technical Expertise

The better problem-solvers do contain some level of expertise accompanied by experience. The of the greats that are or once were. They see things long before they happen. That’s what vision is all about. The ability to not only see, but to also, formulate it into words for others to understand. Skills is one thing, but without vision, where would your skills take you?

When ego is involved, it makes it hard for us to expand. Too many times do we seek to be the all knowing when, in reality, no such thing exists. Nothing is possible without a collective effort. Therefore, having an open mind and being inviting is is detrimental to being a better problem-solver.

flowing with Constant Change

Change is inevitable. There is nothing we can do about it. I say this because we cannot change the inevitable, but we can change how we approach them. To problem-solve better we must be open to new. As the many songs we sing, change will come. The ones that flourish are the ones that embrace it rather than complain about it. Those who innovate don’t spend time getting stuck, they spend time creating solutions.

Focus to Problem-Solve Better

better problem-solver

We are all accustom to honoring the smartest person in the room. Because for some reason, we celebrate knowledge over innovation. No doubt are they valuable to any team, but to problem-solve better, it’s important that we focus beyond what is in front of us. That is right. An open mind allows an opportunity to expand beyond what’s in front of us. Sometimes, just sometimes, a wondering mind is far more useful than one that is too focused.

A Better Problem-Solver Doesn’t Stop Moving

Let’s face it, to problem-solve better, you can’t escape hard work. Many of our great successes can  be attributed to the work we put in. Despite the conviction from the lazy, life provides no shortcuts. No matter what road you take work is required and necessary.

The better problem-solver works and believes that it is necessary to getting to the finish line. After all, without work, where would we all be today? Where would the world be? We are here because of the solutions we’ve been able to come up with from the many problems we were presented with.

Nothing is impossible so let not any problem nail you down. Rather, allow your problem-solving instincts to kick in for the sake of a better solution.

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