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Let Go of Your Ego and Fly Away

Your ego is the part of any equation that implies self, or simply, “I”. The ego is our way of increasing our self-importance, changing the way we are perceived to the world. According to the dictionary, it is the “I” or self of any person.

your ego

The ego is the part of us that tends to the exterior side of things and reacts to it as it comes. This means that your self-importance is measured against what is being driven at the time. That means you may just have to have the watch everyone has their eyes on in order to increase your social worth.

Based on my personal life experiences, I almost never found my ego to be my friend. It felt like it worked more against me than it did for me. I was willing to let doors closed for the sake of this imaginary character that was fitting the mold of the world.

Research actually shows that a lot of negative human characteristics are formulated by the ego. For instance, when we judge or attempt to put others down, it is only with the intent of breaking someone for the sake of our build-up. When we feel that we need to compete, not for fun, but for the sake of proving we belong, the ego speaks.

Letting your ego take over can cause you to feel resentful towards others due to their success. When the moment isn’t about you, you’re more likely to not show any connection or interest. It’s you or nothing else.

Let Go My Ego

When I looked back, I realized that most of the troubled times in my life were governed by the ego. I always had a reason why I couldn’t accomplish or fulfill something outside fo myself. I was never the problem for my ego wouldn’t allow me to set it up that way. It was just the world not wanting anything good for me. It was all about me, but no one was cooperating.


The one thing about the ego is that it feeds the negativity in you. That’s scary because negativity can be very crippling and constantly feeding yourself this could paralyze you. Believe it or not, once you get into it, it could be an addiction you find challenging to get out. Negative people tend to love speaking and contributing to negative conversations. The more they keep their focus there, the more negative they find to come up with.

The Affect of the Self Focus

When the ego is involved, our focus is different. Anything that represents togetherness seems to fall outside of that spectrum. It tends to take you further away from happiness and closer to self. It works against progress keeps you further from your achievements.

The ego never takes accountability because it makes you a victim instead of a victor. You’re more likely to blame outside forces than to accept the power and accept fault. Led by such a force, we may fail to take resonbility for what we do, placing all the blame on the outside forces.

Ever been in an ego battle? That is the most intense battle you’ll ever find. That’s the two people involved in this battle fight to be right rather than for what makes sense. It’s like seeing two people debate that fail to listen to each other so interested in what they have to say above all. The ego looks to attain some sort of power or control over others with no regard to how they may feel in the process.

Protecting Against the Ego

The most amazing thing about the ego, in my opinion, although it can not be one away with, we can minimize its negative aspects. It may play a role in who we are, therefore, we are not aiming to dismantle it completely, just to bring it under control. When we are able to do so, we can experience more of the good it has to offer while resting the negative aspects of it.

When we have our ego under control, we gain more control over ourselves. We must stay in acknowledgment of all of the good things we are experiencing. There is no need to perceive things negatively if the possibilities are equally positive. Change your focus. It’s important that you allow yourself to be in a more grateful state, appreciating more, and embracing the many things you may not be able to control. By changing the way you define your experiences, you will gain a new perspective on the opportunities you are presented with rather than the loss.

No need to continue to outward competing for the only competition is yourself. The world cannot measure against you what you are able to measure against yourself. Work hard and strive to achieve what you set out to do keeping in mind how important it is to you. Try not to be stuck in your own ways and be open to the new. Let the past go and live in the now, understanding that within the moment are gifts you have the ability to enjoy now.

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