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Listen to Your Heart or No One Else Will

Listen to your heart, plain and simple. There is no way around it. It was heartwarming in a way, to realize that all of the setbacks I experienced were due to my own pushback. It had nothing to do with my reality. Rather, it had and still has everything to do with I allow myself to believe. Do I walk with my chest out, or do I underestimate my own presence?

It was a fight, an internal fight between the standard and what I really wanted. At the time, there was a misconception of who I would be based on who I was. I love to reflect, and when I do, it takes me as far as my mind can imagine. Listen to your heart. Because when I did, I could hear my soul speak. Therefore, connecting me closer to my reality. But the fight to follow my dreams was buried by the realities of others that I chose to live by.

In a world filled with so many standards, freedom can be hard to find. But, the truth is, freedom is youfollow your heart. Freedom is everything you imagined. And fortunately, it has nothing to do with anyone else’s reality unless you say so. Therefore, instead of following your dreams you can find yourself following somebody else’s. You can easily find yourself floating so far apart from your dreams that you start to not recognize your reflection.

Whatever sets you free is embedded in your soul and falls in line with your heart. Therefore, never let the world around you dictate your path, your journey. Listen to your heart so that you’re always well guided. The outside noise may attempt to drown you, but remember, it was never for you to follow.

Listen So That Your Heart Guides You

The more we listen to the outside world, the more we separate ourselves from our hearts. And the more we separate ourselves from our hearts, the further apart from our reality we’ll be. It’s like watching a parent and their child part ways on their first day of school. They part ways, but internally want to remain connected.

How do you feel about your life? Are you the captain of your ship or are you still being driven? How well do you feel about the direction of your life? Are you getting closer to what you envisioned or are you constantly being drifted apart? Better yet, have you chosen your path or are you lost in the path that was chosen for you? Are you satisfied? Are you full?

When you are on the path to following your dreams your heart is full because you know your truth is alive. It’s not about the amount of money you make. It’s more about how full your life is. Success is acknowledging what sets you free and allowing yourself to travel in its direction. Listen to your heart so that you get all of the meaning your soul desires and your soul purpose in living.

Allow not the gables of the world to derail you. Be the force that stops them from interfering with the inner commitment you’ve made with yourself. Allow the value you behold to trump the value others attempt to place on you. Consider yourself the rare pearl in a clam. The only way anyone can experience your greatness is if you let them in on your little secret. When it’s all said and done, they’ll only really know it all based on what you say it is.

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