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Little Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

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What do you think is that daily habit that will set you p for a life of success? Having a goal is good. Drawing a plan to follow through with the goal is even better. But what matters the most is the execution of the plan. No matter how grandeur the plan is, if you do not commit to implementing all you have purported to do, you are bound to fail. This is the language of most teachers, motivational speakers, c-suite executive, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs. We often hear such statements when we attend or watch lectures, seminars, executive meetings, talk shows, and conferences.

But, really, within our own personal lives, do we believe we can work our own miracles by practicing this? Or is implementing actions sound so ambiguous a term for bringing changes to an individual’s life?

How about we say we start to develop good daily habits that can change our lives?

Because the truth is, one cannot give what he/she does not have. And if one does not imbibe healthy daily habits to change one’s thoughts and attitude towards life, expecting a change in one’s life is like building a castle in the air. No success story ever happens spontaneously—it is premeditated, pre-conceived, and followed through with life-changing habits.

Habits can be learned but die fast when they are not practiced. Below are the best daily habits that will change your life that you can practice.

Wake Up Early

Rich people like Jeff Bezos are early risers. Evan Carmichael advises us to “wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offence, not on defense.” To rationalize waking early, consider waking early as adding extra hour(s) to your day. Practice waking up early as a daily habit by sticking to an early time for sleep. Instead of working late into the night, sleep early and start your work, as that is healthier and will make you more refreshed to complete a task or goal.

Write Your Goals/Objectives Down

It is not enough to have your daily goals and plans in your head alone. Break them down into tasks and write them down—in a book or on a small board. Writing your daily goals/objectives gives you a sense of ownership of your goals. It is best to write it on a whiteboard and hang it clearly on a wall that gives the most visibility to you, even in the least restricted movement in your living space. Whichever applies, tick off or erase completed tasks as soon as they are being completed to create more focus on the tasks that have not been completed.

Practise Positive Thinking

There is a lot of negativities in the world, and it doesn’t get any better with each new day of bad news from mainstream and social media, but the ability to coordinate one’s thoughts in the path of positive thinking can help one to deflect these negatives and stay focused. Positive thinking is a healthy habit that brings about a change in one’s attitude towards himself and others. Besides giving one hope to achieve his/her daily goal, daily practice of healthy, positive thinking as a habit helps to keep one mentally stable to brace challenges yet to come.


Not just any kind of letter—read biographies, opinion articles, fiction, and books, especially in the humanities that narrate or exposes the realities of man’s life on earth. Reading, just like writing, has a therapeutic effect on the mind, but it is more enriching because one has the privilege of other people’s experiences to meditate on one’s own journey towards his/her purpose in life. Practicing reading as a daily habit also makes you self-aware of your very own nature—your strengths and your weaknesses—when you see it in the characters or topics you are reading about.

Maintain A Good Dietary Lifestyle And Physical Health

Daily habit

The average human brain consumes about 120g of sugar—which is about half the sugar in man’s muscle. If there is no food, there cannot be sugar to keep the brain cells functioning at full capacity. One daily habit that every person seeking a change in their lives is to ensure he/she eats well enough to keep up with the demands of the goals he/she sets in each day of his life. Stay healthy by eating good foods so you do not lose productive hours of work caring for your ailing body. Take a long walk when you feel uneasy with your body and seize any opportunity for a quick exercise to maintain physical and mental fitness

These and many more are daily habits that can help you achieve your dreams in little or no time. Replace your bad habits with them and thank me late.

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