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Love Yourself So that Others Will Too

In order to be the best salesman you must be a big fan of your product and in order to seek love, you must first learn to love yourself. We seek for others to love us, but one can only attract the things they create for themselves. In order words, if you don’t believe in you, don’t expect anyone else to.

It’s easy to be persuaded by what people think. But what value does it present when the opinions they hold fail to reflect your truth. Too many times do we adjust our definition based on others rather than the truth we own. Never burry your truth in exchange for the false pretenses of others. It’s not fair to you.

Now I know it’s easier said than done, but the key to loving who you are is having confidence in who you are. In order to attain this confidence, you must fully understand your journey and appreciate what it took to get to where you are today. In other words, you must be in tune with your progress and value your transformation more than anything else. Only you feel the change and only you can appreciate the process

Though many may appreciate who you are today, not many know your journey. And not many people can say they’ve witnessed your evolution first hand. The more you evolve the more proud you should be because it’s easy to be average. It’s easy to remain stagnant.

The majority don’t set the ultimate intention of growth. Take a look around you and acknowledge your difference. Acknowledge what sets you apart. Being passive doesn’t serve you. Fall in love with yourself because when you do, you give others a reason to do so as well. The way you treat yourself is a reflection of how others should treat you.

In essence, the love you give yourself is a guide you subconsciously share with others. When you feed yourself with the love you deserve, others learn to feed you. Don’t just love yourself for the sake of loving, but love yourself unconditionally. Be your lover and your ultimate fan. Never stop cheering yourself on through every inch of your journey. You’ve made it this far and your best is yet to come.

Shine through your lens so that when others see you they see the love you represent. Wear it on your sleeve, wear it in your heart, and never fail to represent yourself the way you deserve to be represented. Be the salesmen necessary to promote yourself in a light that shines beyond measure. You have everything it takes to create the love you desire.

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