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Making a Happy Life a Meaningful Life

meaningful lifeIt’s one thing to live happily, but it’s another to live out a meaningful life. There are so many things we can do to make our lives happier. Our being happy may change from one second to the next. It is driven by what happens within the current moment. Where one moment can introduce pain, the next can introduce joy.

As hard as it may sound, a happy life isn’t hard to find. Happy moments come and go, but finding a way to sustain this happiness is key. How many times have you seen someone smile, only to see it fade away just as fast as it was formed? The world contains an abundance of reasons for us to rejoice. But finding a way to create a meaningful life is what makes living worth it.

Because of this misleading society we live in, the term happiness can be misunderstood. It would be foolish to believe that a meaningful life is created by the things you possess or want. Just by flipping through your television, you can be sold on many facets of happiness. What do they all have in common? Well, they all present something they claim you can’t live without. It may make you happy, but only for the moment. In other words, it will never be enough because you’ll always be chasing the ‘next best thing’.

In order to create or live a meaningful life, it’s necessary that you set out to live a life greater self. Therefore, although we all have needs that need to be met, living outside of that will be worthwhile. By continuing to pursue your own personal happiness is great, but living within that box can be limiting.

Make Your LIfe a Meaningful One

Throughout my journey, a smile is all I ever wanted. But the truth is, my happiness wasn’t full watching the many around me that continued to drown in pain. Life will give us so many reasons, if not infinite, to rejoice and celebrate. It is an endless waterfall of beauty for us to enjoy. The only thing that stands between us and that happiness is our choice to acknowledge it.

It wasn’t until I chose to be of service of others did I really find meaning in my life. It wasn’t until I shifted my focus from me to us, did I really start to feel life. Feeling alive to me means that I get to wake up every single day doing something far greater than any one man. I’m able to wake up with thinking of all of the people I get to serve instead of worrying about who will serve me. The ability to use my life as a vehicle to drive people to their better version fires me up every single day.

The best part about it all is that this meaningful life I’ve created has empowered me. It has provided me with the opportunity to focus on all the things that I have the ability to control. I may not be able to attain everything I believe I want, but I can definitely do for others. I can give far more than I can ever create, and I can create far more than I could ever be given. This has served as a reminder to me, knowing that the power I possess is far greater than any outside force. It not only ignites me, but it helps create a valuable life that many long for. And the more valuable it is, the more meaningful life becomes.

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