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Mother’s Day: A Letter to My Momma

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day isn’t just any day, it’s every single day. That’s why I’m coincidentally currently writing this article. The truth is, it isn’t about Mother’s day at all. That’s because this article is specifically written for my momma.

A Letter to My Momma

Dear Momma,

Where would I be in this world without you? Throughout my thirty-eight years of living, you’ve provided me with more insight in my life than you can ever imagine. You taught me both directly and indirectly. And one thing that is true, it all came from a place of love. 

Currently, our family finds ourselves in a place we could never imagine. As your son, I can’t help but wonder about the journey that brought us to where we are today. I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like without Mother’s Day. It’s not the day we’ve managed to create, but the days I’ve managed to share with the most amazing woman I’ve been honored to call my momma. 

Everything I am and everything I need to be is you momma. You are a testament of truth faith, loyalty, and love. Through you I discovered kindness, and humility. I look up to you, not as a woman, but as a source of humanity. That’s why for me, Mother’s Day isn’t a holiday. As a matter of fact, it’s far from it. 

Mother’s Day is an every day event. I know it because I watched you work every day of your life taking care of our family without a day off. I am blessed, honored, and grateful to call you my momma. Because through you I have found the importance of serving others so that I find more meaning in my life. 

No Me Without Mother’s Day

The man I am and the blessing I’ve become is due to the many blessings you’ve blessed me with. As a man, I’ve learned the power of a woman and the ability they have to shift the world as it is. So when I say happy Mother’s Day, I don’t speak of just any day. I speak of a day that I’ve been lucky enough to experience over and over again.  

So with everything I’ve been given, everything I’ve been able to experience starts with Mother’s Day, you’re day. I say it not by word, but rather, my works. For it is by your works you’ve taught me many lessons. It is by your works I’ve been able to repetitively see proof of  Mother’s Day, no matter what day it is. 

Although my father is no longer with us, I have no doubt that you stayed true to your commitment. Because when you said “I do” your actions have proven that you meant every word. 

I love you then, I love you now, I love you forever.

With all the Love in the world. 

Your Son,
Giovanni Azael

4 Replies to “Mother’s Day: A Letter to My Momma”

  1. Colette Azael

    Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done without the eight of you. We are now one family member short but we are a strong family. Soon the number will be back to ten with the new baby on the way. Thanks to all of you for your love and support. I am so proud to be your mother!

  2. Mary Perrin-Eaglin, Boston Family

    From your Boston family, I agree. You speak for your brothers as well. Gio having not just a mother but someone who impacts everywhere she goes. In her journey in life with God’s grace , love and mercy she has touched my life as mom as well. She will always be my plus 1 in our motherly realm or table. You know that saying behind every great man their is woman standing there either behind or beside that man. You may add as one of the women if more than one his mother. Keep rising and take everyone with you. We all need building and rebuilding in our strength, faith and love. Your podcast and wonderful family has been and continue to be an added joy to us as life and the Bible teaches . Keep thatgoodolfeelin and little light of mine flowing Love always , your Boston Family

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