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No Matter What Keep Calm and Keep On

When ‘troubles’ arise, stop, breathe…and live knowing that no matter what, it’s imperative that you keep calm and keep on. Weigh your options out, for there’s always way more before for you than you realize. Never forget to breathe in so that you’re always reminded of the importance of life and you’re truly living it.

The truth that we do have to face is that we have no control of the world around us. You can’t prevent your tire from getting flat on your way to an interview, nor you can’t prevent rain from falling over your well planned beachside wedding. It’s impossible to predict what will take place from one second to the next. But if you keep calm, you can allow yourself to accept the new possibilities instead of focusing on the one you believe you just lost.

There are opportunities upon opportunities that we’re presented with every single day if we allow ourselves to accept them. Jesus once said, “As you believe, so shall it be done unto you”. They say the one that wants it the most is the one that will themselves through. But the ones that will themselves through are the ones that keep calm and keep on with the belief that everything they believe…is real.

The Power Is Yours

No matter what, never forget the powers you possess and the ability you have to reshape any event.  What happens is only as bad as the way we choose to define it. If “it’s the end of the world,” then your Keep Calm and Keep Onworld will forever change. But if you allow room for hope in this situation, a world of opportunities shall make its way towards you. Believing alone doesn’t do the trick. It’s the drive inflicted by the belief that fuels the will to keep on no matter what.

I believe that we are infinite creatures blessed with the ability to create whatever our minds tell us is true. “I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment,” the words of Benjamin Disraeli himself. So keep calm and keep on living no matter the circumstance. Because everything you need to get to the next adventure is within you.

No outter source can ever amount to the greatness you possess inside of you. When things seem a little rough, calmly dig a little deeper. The deeper you dig the more you’ll realize you’ll find. Keep on!


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  1. OmWi

    Had a situation at work where several co-workers mentally abused me for the little things I would do. I’m a very open person, I like to talk and socialize and ask the questions nobody else would ask. I would constantly get ridiculed for it for questions that meant something to me… It got to the point where I was depressed and became determined to prove them wrong and show I could learn anything they put my way. It took me seven months to realize…it was me putting all the pressure on myself-stressing myself out. Seven months to realize they didn’t care where I was going. It took me seven months to realize how far I’ve come and how far I could still go. I looked for approval from a manager – I stooped that low. I cut off the outside world just to focus on a goal that, in totality, was meaningless. What that goal meant to me solely depended on what it meant to them and what it meant to them, meant nothing. Seven months to see the truth… The world will constantly give you something to strive after but only you can determine its’ meaning .. I define that feeling

    • Giovanni Azaël

      Wow! That’s amazing! I really appreciate you sharing that and it makes me so proud and joyful to read such a breakthrough. Another reminder of how great we are and how much of a gift we can be once we open ourselves to such a possibility. Just by your writing, I can already see a shift, a window of possibilities that have now been made available to you. You’re only what you know you are, not what they think you are. And everything you are is greater than you/they can ever imagine. Welcome to a newer you. Stay in Power!🙏🏾

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