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Perfect Ways to Find Direction When You Are Feeling Lost

find direction If you’re feeling lost, dissatisfied, or confused, you aren’t lost. You’re only on your path to find direction. With intersections that provide multiple choices for us all to turn, picking the right one can sometimes be crucial.

“Life is what you make it,” they say. But for a while, life was making me. That makes it hard for anyone to find direction and purpose in life. But as for life itself? When you’re riding its wave, it’s very hard to get lost within it.

I’m not sure about you, but I remember the times when I use to drag myself out of bed. That voice in my head I had to build so that I would trust me more. I came from dragging myself to looking forward to the next adventure that life gives.

It wasn’t easy, but I believed it was necessary. To find direction is to find yourself away from feeling lost. I kept pressure away because the very path I took I knew stood in my way. To say that I was lost would be an understatement.

But as life taught me lessons, I set my intentions along the path of growth. Feeling lost wasn’t the end for me, it was a new beginning awaiting my presence. That was the only way that I could take full part in my own story.

I Found My Direction

Just like the guide a GPS system provides, I had found my destination. What I wanted, how I wanted, and why I wanted it had to make sense to me. And that was the part that stretched me in resistance. To find direction isn’t to connect outward. It helps connect from the inside out.

As an engineer I get to do things that I know will contribute to the greater good. Not only do I get to be around amazing people in doing so, but I get to share my amazingness along the way. It’s an amazing world when you’re poring into it.

There’s a great chance that if you’re not pouring into it, you’re probably taking from it. And if you’re taking from it, without any form of contribution, how will it ever sustain itself? It’s not just for yesterday, it’s for today and for tomorrow we live. Therefore, it not serving you tells a story of its own.

find direction

Finding your direction in this world isn’t about where you are. It isn’t about what you’ve done and how much you’ve done. It’s about knowing how what it is you do lights you up. How do you feel waking up to the life you’ve created? Think about it, because after all, you did create it.

Find Purpose and Direction

Take a little time for yourself. At this moment there lies no pressure. Everything is everything and all that you are is before you. What you love, your passion lives in pure form, within you. Your purpose will help you find direction in a way you could never imagine.

If you don’t know what you’re working for, how do you know what you’re working towards? This matters above any other explanation I can imagine you partaking in. A little self-reflection always goes a long way.

Between my love for this world and the skills I have to contribute to it, it makes it all easy. It isn’t just about what you have to offer. It’s also about how necessary your services are. You are a creator in your own world and the world awaits your many creations.

No use wasting time not celebrating when the mini win means just as much as the big ones. Celebrate, you’re almost home.

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