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Perfect Ways to Stick to Your Word

stick to your word

I was brought being taught that your word is everything. That’s why when you stick to your word, you create something for yourself only a chosen few experience. Let’s face it, we all make promises. In a perfect world we want to make sure they are always kept.

When we are able to stand behind the words we speak, we create trust and respect between ourselves and others. Unfortunately, we live in a finger pointing society where blame is put on others to relieve ourselves.  Well, that goes against everything stick to your word represents.

But how do you put that in your arsenal for the sake of the greater good? We’ll explore some avenues that will help guide you there.

What it Means to Stick to Your Word

So what does it mean to stick to your words? As I mentioned before, we are all on display in this world. We are all, based on our actions, constantly sharing our story with the world around us. And what gives the world a pass to who we are is our actions.

That’s because we are more than just thoughts alone. We are a combination of what we say we are and the actions that back our statements up. That means it’s not about creating the plan alone. It’s more about putting the work behind it so that it is executed as expected.

It’s vital that you stick to your word because it affects the way people perceive you. It determines whether people are going to trust you and respect you or altogether have no faith in your existence. So how do you get started? After all, we all want to be respected. We all want to be admired and appreciate, but how do our actions compliment what we want in return.

Tips to Serve Your Word as Golden

stick to your word

1. Set it In Stone. Whatever it is you are proposing to others, make sure it is something you can actually do. If you aren’t sure about it, are you to stick to your word? Don’t commit for the sake of committing. After all, if you are to project that confidence in others, you must first be have confidence in yourself. Because if you are sure there’s a great chance you’ll confidence the other side as well.

2. Write it Down. There is no such thing as a document by word of mouth. Something that cannot be verified through some from of documentation can easily slip through the cracks. It’s easy to forget things. After all, if you’re human, there’s a great chance that that isn’t the only thing that’s on your mind. So if you are to stick to your word, write those words down.

3. Every Little Bit Counts. Doesn’t matter how big or small, a promise is a promise. Your word is your word and that is what others hear. Your words are the messenger to your very actions. So it doesn’t matter if you said you’d buy a car, or simply the tire. The key is that a promise was made and should be kept. Every little bit counts.

4. Make No Excuses. I’m sure it happens that after we’ve given our words, something comes up. You may just simply not want to follow through just because. Push through. It may not seem apparent then, but the feelin you get after, is priceless. When you stick to your word you not only feel great, but you also feel a sense of accomplish. You not only set out to do something, but you also, followed through.

We all rely on one another to accomplish things. What greater contribution can we make than by simply showing up for those in need. When we show up for those by making good with our words, we create a foundation; one that is unbreakable.

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