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Powerful Tips to Overcome Adversity in Life

adversity in life

Life is not a bed of roses, so there is bound to be Adversity in life at some point or the other. Life is not fair, true. But instead of asking the unwise question, “Why me?”, which invariably implies, “Why not another person?”, one can learn to fight through adversity when it comes. Adversity is not constrained by demographic, social, or physiological factors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, male or female, black or white, good or bad. You could experience adversity in life for the sole reason that you are alive.

A real-life example of adversity is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations. In late 2019 in China, COVID-19 spread from a local market in Wuhan into China’s mega population. The rest of the world suffered dearly for what happened many miles away from their regions. People loved lost ones, fathers and mothers lost their livelihood sources. Opportunities were lost, and commitments reneged.

But we must recognize that dealing with adversity in life avails us the opportunity of amassing a lot of wisdom to deal with futuristic issues in life. Allowing yourself to be depressed or resorting to the ignoble way of letting it all go not the best way to overcome adversity.

So, how does a person overcome adversity?

Below are potent tips for handling or overcoming adversity in life.

Never Walk Alone

Many clichés have been used in the past to describe this. “No man is an island”, “A problem shared is a problem halved”, and “lean on me”. They all are saying the same thing—do not walk alone when you’re handling adversity. Talking to a friend can help reduce the uneasy burden that comes from handling adversity in life. Identifying and talking to those who have overcome similar or related adversities in life can be the best therapy.

Never Give Up

While is easier said than done, putting up a resilient spirit when the going gets tough is very expedient in overcoming adversity. Life may give you many reasons to give up on yourself or on life in itself, but finding the right reasons not to will save you the strength to carry on; it may be the love of someone or something, the confidence or belief in someone or something… You have to give yourself a reason why your remaining resolute is worth it.

Be Given To Humour

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. While humor may be a fleeting cure for the pain that comes with adversity. It is a coping mechanism that does not allow one’s emotions to stretch to the farthest end of negativity. Humor helps relax your nerves, thus reducing anxiety that often comes when finding ways of dealing with anxiety. This is one of the best ways of dealing with adversity that comes from the things one cannot change.

Practice Thanksgiving

advevrsity in life

As absurd as it may sound, being thankful when trying to overcome adversity helps to unlock the right attitude to deal with adversity. When one is full of bitterness, it becomes difficult to objectively identify the safest or fastest solution to overcoming adversity. This is because emotions would most likely becloud the largest part of their senses. Being thankful, not because there is adversity in life, but because it could have been worse than the current situation. This helps the mind to focus on positive actions that could create a short, medium, or long-term relief for oneself.

Evaluate Realities

A major reason why people don’t move on well after adversity is because they have refused to evaluate the cause and effect of incidences. The betrayal from a loved one, for instance, may make it difficult for one to trust anyone again. But holding firm to this line of thought may also deprive one of the happiness they should enjoy if they took chances on people. If you dwell solely on the former, the remainder of your life may be miserable.

The reality here is that in life, people betray people’s trust, and it does not matter whether they are family or friends. Or another instance where one loses a loved one to a plane crash. Should that incident stop one from ever flying a plane? Hence, one must understand that to live is to evaluate realities—and evaluating realities means knowing what to change and what to accept. That way, you can apply your heart to wisdom while still enjoying life even after experiencing adversity.

Overcoming adversities in life is a decision only you can make. You have to decide to strive to be triumphant and only then will you have freedom.

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