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Powerful Ways to Deepen Your Connection With Others

connections with others

Among all human needs, your connections with others mean more than you can ever imagine. Way too many times do we think we can do better by ourselves. But the truth is, relationships are necessary as life is all about exchanges.

Only through your connections with others can you can experience the true gifts of life. The deeper your relationships, the more connected you feel. And the more connected you feel, the more meaning you get out of life.

In order to deepen your connections with others, the tips below will help you get things figured out.

Be OPen to Connections with Others

The best way to receive is by being open. It’s hard to receive anything with a closed fist, right? We all want something out of this life, but how many of us are open to receiving it? I’m not talking about just through words, but also, through action as well.

How you show up to the world determines how your connections with others are formed. In order to connect with someone on a deeper level, a level of openness is necessary. Too many times do we close the door long before it gets a chance to open.

We all want to feel a sense of comfort. Therefore, the more comfortable others feel around us, the closer they’ll likely be. I always found that my secret sauce to connecting has been keeping my smile. It not only invites others, but it also makes them feel more comfortable staying.

Nothing Like Quality Time

connections with others

In order to attain the relationship you desire, you have to give up some time. Not just any time, but quality time. There’s a difference. We live in a world that is constantly running with little time standing still. We are all connected to each other, but the time you give is what deepens our connections.

Quality time is more than just a word, it’s a moment worth giving. Bombarded by technology, the way we show up for one another has changed drastically. For this reason, no better way to deepen relationships than by being fully present. When no distractions exist, opportunities show up. So if it is connections with others you are looking to build, the attention you give is essential.

When we are present we show the other person that they are the focus. After all, who doesn’t want to feel heard? Our full presence allows us to listen more and show up for those we look to connect with. Listen from a place that connects you with others. That’s when the heart is connected more with the conversation than your ears are.

When the heart is present, the connection is felt. And when your connection with others is felt, the deeper it goes.

Keep in Touch

An important component to maintaining and strengthening any relationship is communication. How else do we build? Your connection with others relies on your ability to create the time to keep in touch. The better the communication, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more you are able to build.

Only through mindful communication can you share feelings. From these feelings, you are able to dig deeper for it is through feelings we relate. It is through feelings we truly connect.  It’s definitely another way to experience life through the shoes of someone else.

To Be You is to Be True

The best way to improve your connection with others is by presenting your true self. The biggest mistake you can make is presenting someone that doesn’t align with who you really are. There’s who we are, and there’s who the world tends to want you to be. When you share your true self with the ones you love, you provide them with a sense of comfort.

connections with others

It’s easy to make others around you believe things are better than they are. That’s the social media way of living. Living a cut-and-paste life isn’t something people relate to. We all want the real deal. Because only from what’s real do we truly learn about the ones we look to connect with.  At the end of the day, who do we want others to connect with? The illusion you present, or the true you.

When we present the person we are instead of the person we believe others will like we build authentic relationships. Therefore, if it is authentic you seek it is authentic we must present. No better way to build connections with others. Because the real you is the best version you could ever deliver.

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