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Practical Ways to Turn Your Dream Into Reality

your dream We all have a dream. That’s the easy part. But I guess the question is, how do you turn your dream into reality?  In essence, how do you start to experience your many blessings? So many of us currently have these great big dreams that we pray come true. It’s not really a matter of not having a dream. It’s more a matter of acknowledging it and feeding it.

Personally, I think each and every one of your dreams is necessary. It’s important to the world that we not only acknowledge them but also, to see them through. When you really think about it, every great invention started off as a dream. And every great inventor took a chance towards realizing what once was a thought.

One thing I believe is that we’ve all been given these dreams as co-creators of our universe. That is our Creator’s way of saying, “Imagine what possibilities this life could bring if only you believe.”  And when we really think about it, He’s also provided us with all of the inspiration as well.

Now, I’m far from religious, so this isn’t a religious sermon. It’s simply an acknowledgment of the source from which we came. To ignore that is to ignore this very gift we’ve been given. The gift of creating whatever we see fit to enhance this one life we’ve been given. Whatever your beliefs may be on what’s to come, what’s happening is evident. Where it’s happening is what demands our full attention.

Therefore, stay here. Acknowledge this dream and allow it the attention it deserves. Allow it the space to breathe so that it has room to blossom. Water it daily. Breathe life in it by simply believing. It is real, but it first requires that you take it seriously.

Reality Can be Confusing

You aren’t a loyal follower of the media, are you? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But with everything we take in we are responsible. That’s right, what we intake affects our reality. Therefore, be aware of the propaganda that we allow ourselves to be governed by.

What is it that governs your life? Is it your dreams or is it the fears of others? Remember, regardless of what the media is your dreamspewing, whether it be false or true, you’re the captain. It is your responsibility to see this great dream through.

If you take the time to think about it, we are currently living off of someone else’s dreams. The many tools we use today are as a result of someone else’s stance. Just like your dream, they felt that theirs was important to make a move on. They not only fed the dream constantly, but they made sure they saw it through.

Allow Your Dream to be Meaningful

How big is your dream? How does it serve the greater good? I mean, how does it serve outside of yourself? When your dream is greater than yourself, I’d say it’s something worth making real. Selfish dreams don’t amount to much. I repeat, dreams based on self, amount to nothing.

While it may seem like a lot, I speak of the long-term. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? This great big dream that we continue to contemplate with is essential. It is also essential that the words of the masses gain no control over them.

If your dream isn’t real to you might want to carry it right. Think about it before you rest. And think about it when you wake up. And when you do so, think about the outcome of watering it. Your dream is not only necessary for you, but it is also your gift to the world. Too many have gone without gifting the world their share of goodness. don’t be that person.

Give. Give so much of your dream that it becomes real for others to experience. Allow your dream to shift this world for the better. Long after you are gone, the world will have had a piece of you that will continue to live on forever.

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