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Productive Ways to Cultivate More Compassion in Your Life

cultivate more compassion

When you aim to cultivate compassion, you create an opportunity for a deeper connection. The more compassion you possess the more positive you show up. Peace finds you, allowing you to yourself more openly.

The more positivity you spread, the more you become attractive to others. This attraction is derived from an instant human experience. When you cultivate more compassion, the more your approach shifts. You understand this world of differences and its beauty.

Acknowledging one’s humanity goes a long way. Living in a world of numbers, it’s easy to overlook the ‘game changers’. But in order to understand what compassion really is and how it’s cultivate, follow me:

1. Have Compassion With SElf-Compassion

Let’s be honest, the world is constantly judging us. Despite your walk of life, the world is constantly revising its standards for us to follow. No doubt do I understand the after-effects of such opposition. But are you who seek to cultivate more compassion towards others, find compassion for yourself?

Believe it or not, we are all dealing with some sort of trauma that causes us to do what we do. And sometimes these things end up messing up our relationships with others. To understand oneself through deep inner child searching is where it all begins. Once you’ve acknowledged what you’ve been through you can understand why you show up the way you do.

The more you build self-compassion, the more the opportunity to cultivate more compassion presents itself.

2. What if that Were Me

Understanding the power of putting yourself in somebody’s shoes is life-changing. Life isn’t hard. We’re only overcomplicating things until the hardship presents itself. We are all going through life differently. With that in mind, there lies no standard.

Understanding one’s circumstances, and acting accordingly, gives them the impression that they matter. Who doesn’t want t feel that feelin.

3. Make it Not About You

cultivate more compassion

To cultivate more compassion for others, embracing a world beyond yourself is important. As we continue to say, we are all going through life, and we are all doing the best we can. There’s no need to put our circumstances in the forefront for no task is ever bigger than its participants. Maintain a perspective that is of others instead of yourself. When you focus on others, your circumstance gains no control of your life.

4. Cultivate More Compassion by Being Present

One of the best ways to cultivate more compassion is by being present. There is no greater feeling than knowing that someone is completely present for you. Anyone can appear before you, but how much more valuable it be than to be fully present and aware of who is in front of your along with their current needs.

Every day I notice even more the power of being compassionate. More now, than ever, the value of being present changes it all. The idea that, in this busy world, I can put some time aside and offer an ear to someone in need. Think about that.

5. Keep from Judgement

We are all sinners and continue to do so daily. Be mindful of who you are aiming to become. If growth is ongoing, then where do we gain the space for judgment. If you are to cultivate more compassion, you have to refrain from judgment. Everyone has a story, and you’ll find that if you read them, whatever you thought it was, never was.

It’s a daily adventure, through constant awareness, we find ourselves monitoring progress. I mean, if you’re not growing, you’re dead, right? Through constant growth, we find that we think more, and say less. The less we talk, the more we allow ourselves a space to think. And sometimes, all it takes a second in between initial thought and deep thought for it to sync. Why pass judgment if I myself continue to work on my own personal improvement?

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