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Proven Practices to Stop Being a People-Pleaser


When we start to aim to live more fully instead of directing our energy toward being a people-pleaser, a new form of life presents itself. I get it, we don’t always see the reward in being transparent and honest. But the truth is, we all want to be accepted and received by others.

It’s no wonder we walk around carrying this great fear of being rejected. Because of this, acceptance can feel like the world to some, it can truly serve as a means of survival. Having the acceptance of your peers can go a long way, but accepting yourself can be the difference between being a people-pleaser or not.

By the same token, for the majority of us, it is better to hold on to every bit of ourselves as we can see the long-term benefits. It’s worth more to us to accept who we are rather than risk giving up who we are away. We choose to focus on pleasing ourselves versus falling into the trap of becoming a people-pleaser. Regardless of the stress that comes along with it, we would rather stay true than go against ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we never go against what we feel. We may not always speak about how we feel or say what’s always on our minds. I guess the actual question is, is it always necessary? I mean, there’s a difference between living truthfully and the constant releasing of your thoughts.

Living your truth is a show in itself because it requires no words at all. When we choose the easier route of being a people-pleaser, we take the power away from ourselves. In turn, we end up serving it on a platter to those we seek to please. To overcome this habit.

A People-Pleaser Has Little Room for Themselves

I love the idea of being a servant to mankind. It’s a beautiful thing to show up for others. That in itself allows us a feeling we otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to. To give of yourself to those in need is a blessing to not only the receiver but to you as well. There’s a feeling you get, one that is priceless.

The one thing I urge you to keep in mind is that your lack of self-care is the lack of love towards others. That’s because when you’re not well fed, it makes it hard for others to feast from your table. After all, how could you provide others oxygen when you yourself are suffocating. Being a people-pleaser can sometimes deprive the very ones you look to rescue.

You Have Everything You Need

You truly have everything you need within. Now I wouldn’t say this out of hopes of being a people-pleaser because that would go against everything I believe in. I’m saying this because it’s true. Now I know we all need one another, but forgetting what you yourself possess can be a bit defeating.

So when you choose to stand, make sure you’re standing on the right side. The side that not only supports yourself but also supports those you intend on serving as well. Therefore, when you realize you have it all, you show up differently. That in itself is a blessing.


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