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Proven Ways to Break Your Toxic Relationship Cycle

toxic relationship

Many of us find ourselves in a toxic relationships cycle we believe we can’t get out of. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get,” spoken well by my friend Forrest. This relationship sometimes ourselves, someone else, or just the world. Regardless of what it is, it’s important that we break free so that we start to live freely.

We’ve all experienced good living. If not firsthand, we’ve seen a glimpse of it in some form. I saw it firsthand growing up. I saw the love, and the fake love. With that, I learned the value of sincerity. I learned that only through it can I appreciate and connect in depth.

I learned what pain was. There was nothing really in the world I could really do about it. I never understood why the experience, but the depth of me yearned for better. I had an idea of what it looked like. With that, I knew that that feelin could be better. But covered by this toxic relationship, which included myself, I would find my way out.

Life Should be Lived

Life is the most precious gift one could ever ask for. Unfortunately, too many of us find ourselves blind by the BIG illusion. The illusion that life is anything but less than what you seek. Oh, society has made a fool of us, allowing us to overlook the things that truly matter.

We’re so caught up in what we believe things should be, refusing to accept them as they are. So we forget that life should be lived as we pump our minds up with this illusion. The illusion that life should be more. The illusion, at the root of a toxic relationship, I had with myself.

toxic relationship

The more I live the more I value this thing called life. If you weigh it, you’ll that it’s light. Therefore only we can weigh each other down. Only we can weigh ourselves down. Life is light as a feather, you see. We burden our minds, we burden our souls, in turn, we burden our bodies. We’re all a product of what we believe. With time, we eventually live.

I would need to release fear, along with my created toxic beliefs so that I separated myself from such a toxic relationship I had created within. At the very least, I was constantly surrounded by it. With that, I began to believe it within.

I had created a toxic relationship cycle that would never end. But I found my way out, and so should you.

Getting out of a Toxic Relationship

Know What True Living Means. We fell into the trap of believing that true living is what we get. But the truth is, true living is observing all of the abundances we’ve been blessed with.

Appreciate the Little Things. Life is so grand, yet, we keep on looking for bigger. Throughout our search, we overlook what we perceive as less, but yet more. A key indicator of a toxic relationship. We have so much, yet we complain about less.

Live in Gratitude. With gratitude, we not only acknowledge the abundance, but we also choose to live within it. When we’ve in observance of what we’ve been given, we have the space to appreciate it more. With that appreciation, a willingness to accept this amazing life as it is.

toxic relationship

Let Life Be. The most predictable of all is change. There’s just no way around it. Therefore, when we allow life to flow, we find no need to fight with it. And when we prevail in doing so, we find that no problems exist.

Life is either for you or against you. It’s your decision. Only you can make your bed, and most likely, you will sleep in it.

Truly Living Free

Release yourself from such a toxic relationship. Protect this amazing life you’re given.  In order to appreciate it more, I accept that it is rented, for it is all temporary. It all passes, one way or another. That is why truly living doesn’t live in any location in this world outside of you. If there is no peace within, there could be none on the out.

Life is a wave, surf it. Life is like water, it flows, ride with it. Just a few thoughts that crossed my mind as I conclude this post. Be good, be well, and be full and I promise you, it will find you. Put an end to this toxic relationship cycle. From now on, you do right…by you.

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