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Proven Ways to Deal with Frustration of Life

deal with frustration

We all have to deal with frustration at some point. The truth is, it is a natural part of life. It’s our way of expressing discontent with a certain outcome. It is our way of attempting to redirect the ship towards the picture we see fit.

That is why we get upset, frustrated, and sometimes discouraged. This is all natural. The reality is a lot of things will not end up going the way we expected. There are the plans we make, the events that happen in between, and the outcome we seek.

To deal with frustration of life, it’s important that we understand its source. Where is it coming from? What is at the root of this entire event? Sometimes our frustrations be associated with anger, and others from fear, stress, or even disappointment.

Thankfully, if you’re going through this, there’s a great chance you are not going through it alone. Lucky for you, you’re ability to deal with frustration will be a testament to the others that walked down this path before you. We’ve all experienced life in some way so that someone else need not walk the same path, but rather, better.

Take  A Moment to Breathe

We are all moving at a rate I’m sure we do not control. That is because we are constantly moving to the beat of the world around us. So much so that we lose sight of ourselves and our pulse. To better deal with frustration we must make sure what we are constantly checking in.

How many time do you take the time to intentionally acknowledge your breath. I mean without breath, your existence is mere wind. In other words, within the life we live, it’s important to acknowledge the fuel that keeps us going. Too often do we ignore it. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, but we CAN feel it.

A Change of Scenery to Deal with Frustration

deal with frustration

I love the beach. As a matter of fact, that is my safe haven. That is where I feel more connected to GOD. It is there I am reminded of all of the things I should be grateful for. It is there I am able to put a pause on the world so that I may be open to the things that matter most.

My ability to deal with frustration was a result of my ability to accept the many gifts I’m constantly blessed with. I can focus on what I want, or I can constantly acknowledge what’s in front of me. And what’s in front of me may not serve my desires, but they more than meet my needs. To every need met, I believe lies a blessings.

Get to the Root

What is it that is causing you such frustration? To deal with frustration we must be able to pinpoint the root of it all. Where’s it coming from and how much is it worth to me to hold on to it? If you’re like me, and you’ve found your place of peace, you have nothing but to open up about what is going on within.

Once you acknowledge it and allow it space to leave, you are then freed from it’s burdens. Once you’ve pinpointed the root, take a moment to acknowledge it, feel it, then let it go. No load is made to hold on to. It only needs our acknowledgement so that we are able to maneuver through it.

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