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Proven Ways to Deal with Imposter Syndrome


Most of you may have heard of imposter syndrome, but not many of us fully understand. It is our inability to accept hard work as being the source of one’s success. This happens despite the evidence supporting this idea.

It would be unfair if I left you with such a basic response. That’s because imposter syndrome goes deeper than that.imposter syndrome

Due to this imposter syndrome, we ourselves, become our worst enemy. Because of this condition, we fail to see ourselves or others to their full potential. While the world, or our experiences within it, live one truth, they tend to see something completely different.

Because it is essential that we get through imposter syndrome, I’ll share a few ways you can start to improve now.

Your Imposter Syndrome Your Journey

Believe it or not, imposter syndrome is far more common than you think. Some of the most prominent figures deal with it until this day. It isn’t a social concept. It’s a human thing. If you have blood running through your veins, and air through your lungs, you’re susceptible too.

It’s hard to make imposter syndrome a conversation when it can easily be hidden. You can’t just look at someone and diagnose them. I mean, if you can watch our public figures execute great speeches under such conditions, it makes sense.

In order to get over imposter syndrome, we have to first accept where we are. Showing a bit of grace goes a long way. After all, we are in the middle of our journey. No need to panic as growth is right around the corner.

Celebrate Yourself

The thing with imposter syndrome is that, if we fail to manage it, we can fail to acknowledge our accomplishments. Therefore, it is important that you take a moment of your time to do so. Success is there. Grab a pen and a pad and list at least 5 things you are good at.

imposter syndrome

Don’t stop there. Your imposter syndrome didn’t creep in overnight. It took time. Therefore, it is crucial that you go even deeper. After you’ve done the first part, take the time to write a few things you were able to accomplish throughout the course of your life.

Was there a friend you were able to help? Was there a neighbor that you assisted? It doesn’t have to be an academic award or a major milestone. It can be as simple as holding the door open for a young lady if you’re a man, or an elder if you’re younger. Remember, a mile starts off as one step.

Live Your Truth

It’s ok to be human. I know that feeling oh so well. My imposter syndrome once had me paralyzed until I realized I couldn’t move. I was anxious. And I was constantly unsure of myself. Since energy is everything, I instantly felt it. That then led me to turn things around.

Sometimes we make it hard on ourselves by not fully accepting ourselves at the stage we’re in. I wanted to know it all and was frustrated if I didn’t know something I didn’t know. It wasn’t until I embraced where I was, did I start to feel the imposter syndrome fade.

The richest self-made man came from something less. In order for him to have gotten to his current destination he had to have been accepting while working towards something greater. You see, imposter syndrome prevents us all from seeing the beauty within our journeys.

The most beautiful part of any journey isn’t the end. It’s easy to celebrate. What you are celebrating is what makes all the difference. You’re celebrating all of the overcomed obstacles as you sit at the finish line.

This too shall be a thing of the past.

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