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Proven Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

Relationships are the core of our social lives, and maintaining a healthy relationship sometimes proves very difficult to achieve. In human relationships, most times, there is bound to be conflicts and frictions that might arise. Sure these are inevitable but do you know how to rise amidst them? Or do you know how to avert them?

Being in a relationship with people and finding true fulfilment is from that relationship is the ultimate goal. Healthy relationships have proven to increase our happiness and reduce stress generally. But in building healthy relationships with our friends, families and partners, it is best not to focus on them. The onus lies on you to make it work. So to have a healthy relationship, you have to:

Show Empathy

To maintain a healthy relationship with a partner or relation, you have to learn to show empathy. Dish out what you want to receive. Learn to listen and empathize with them whenever they come to you with their problems or insecurities. By doing this, they trust you more, and the mutual connection between you two is strengthened. The net result is that your relationship with them is a healthy and thriving one. You can never go wrong with empathy when seeking healthy friendships.

Communicate Productively

healthy relationship

Communication is vital in maintaining fruitful relationships. When I say communication, I don’t mean verbal or spoken words. Body language, gifts and random acts of love is also a way of communicating. Having effective communication with your partner helps develop a two-way connection. He/she would see you as someone they can depend on. Maintain eye contact when communicating with them; repeat some of the things they say to show you are listening. Be on the lookout for non-verbal cues that might suggest they want physical contact and respond appropriately. Poor communication is usually the cause of rifts in most relationships, but if you can understand your partner and learn how to connect with them through communication, I bet you are home and dry.

Be Yourself

Keep it real. Be yourself. The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships most times is that both parties are faking it. There’s no fake it till you make it in a relationship. Both of you would have to come out plain to each other if you want it to work. You be yourself, and if there is any trait you possess that displeases your partner, you work on it. You have to work on yourself genuinely, so you don’t have to fake it when you are with her. The goal is to be yourself. Being yourself is true freedom, and a healthy relationship cant be achieved if you are not free around your partner.

Be Honest

To get the right and healthy relationship  you desire, you have to do everything in your power, to be honest with your partner. Do not try to hide anything from them. Be honest and open with them. Tell them about all you are going through and your darkest secrets. That way, nothing would come as a surprise to them in future if they find about it. These are some of the minor issues that cause strains in most relationships. Take out those little foxes that spoil the vine. Be honest.

Show Yourself Love

healthy relationship

Love your neighbor as yourself. You cant show your partner love if you don’t already love yourself enough. This point should have come first in this list as it is the first thing you should battle in the quest for a healthy relationship. It should even go before you think of even having a relationship with someone. Start with yourself. You can only give off as much as you have. Learning to love yourself isn’t always easy but give it a go, build as much love as you can and then let it flow naturally to make your relationship healthy.

Building Healthy relationships are essential if you want to be happy both in the relationship and in life generally. Learn to give it your all. Be yourself, always be honest and communicate effectively. You would be better off with a fit relationship. Trust me on this, I know!!!

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