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Proven Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness

overcome procrastination

You’re not currently putting things, are you? If you’re like many, you’re just looking for a way to overcome procrastination. I’ll be focusing on some core elements that will get you moving in no time.

So, what is procrastination? And what are the effects of it? A simple Google search would tell you that it is the action of delaying or postponing something. But it’s more than just a definition. Our failing to overcome procrastination can cost us our goals and dreams. It can be the reason why we stand on the other side of success.

Overcome Procrastination

We hear the negative connotation of the word procrastination, but it doesn’t always have to be. We tend to think that tasks are more important than they really are. Since it’s been assigned, we figure why not get it done as soon as possible, right?

How often do we get work done based on workload rather than work importance? We work on the unimportant so that we feel more accomplished when it means little. Therefore, when I procrastinate, I save myself unnecessary time and effort.
Procrastination happens when we have to do something. It’s like the battle of you versus yourself. It is in our nature to resist, but only through habit can it be broken. Beating procrastination is an intentional effort. It’s not one that happens by accident.

Personally, I overcame procrastination by constantly getting excited about the outcome. I still celebrate before every task. That gives me the mental strength to know that this is doable although I didn’t want to do it. Do you happen to be experiencing something similar? It wasn’t until I started attacking the things I love did I gain traction. For me to overcome procrastination I needed to find more passion within the things I was already doing. That was a key factor for me.

Other times we may have things to do that just have to get down. It may even be something we dread. And whether we like it or not, the show must go on. In such a case, there are no possible shortcuts. It will need your complete focus and attention.

Overcome Laziness

overcome procrastination

If we think about laziness for a moment, we’ll see that it’s different from procrastination. Although different, the same tactics can be used in overcoming it. Laziness is a result of a task we’re not wanting to do work overrides our urge to do it.

Not that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s visit a few steps that can help overcome procrastination and laziness.

1. Time it so it Happens

If you’re not going to put a limit on it, there’s a great chance it’ll never get done within a timeframe. After writing my first book. I wanted a challenge. I knew that if it took me ten days to do the first one, it could take me far less for the second. So the time clock came out. I wanted to beat procrastination over the head with a stick.

Whenever placed in a situation where you’re feeling the urge to put something off, clock in. Think about how long it will take you, but be fair. Feel free to challenge yourself if you may. Whatever the timeframe, get to it right away. Wait not a second to get started.

2. Beating Procrastination by Notes

Whatever you have to do cannot stay in your head alone. If it does, there’s a great chance it won’t be getting done. In order to increase your chances, you might want to jot things down. No matter the task, list them all on paper. Then as the tasks are completed, you can begin to check them off, one by one.

With each check, you not only feel more accomplished but also confident as well. This will transfer to any other task you’re given.

3. Wait Not a Second

Ever heard of the saying, “Why wait until tomorrow for what you can do today?” Well, that’s because the now habits matter more than the planned. What is happening is happening. In other words, what is happening is progressing, moving in the right direction. Those who beat procrastination don’t let it come to them. They go to it.

Before you go, here’s a pointer for you. Build your mind by intention. Allow your mind, your thoughts, to connect to your intention. If you start, before you know it, you’ll find yourself further along than you thought. It takes one step to get to running.

4. Stay Locked In

overcome procrastination

If you’re like me, then your urge to experience life may take you away from experiencing one thing. So wowed by things around me, I sometimes wander off away from my tasks. For this reason, I focus on choosing the best spot.

Where I work and who’s around me make a difference. Therefore, it is important that before I get started, I make sure that I am at the right place. I must make sure that where I am is execution-friendly. As much as I love music, I sometimes need to turn it off in order to stay locked in.

5. Go Hard or Go Home

I know the drill. In order to get the checkmarks going on our list, we sometimes start with the easiest task first. That way, we get that feel-good sensation I was speaking about earlier. But when you knock out the harder task first, the mental load that you will have lifted will have been immense.

Everything is work, depending on how you look at it. But everything is also an adventure depending on how you choose to look at it. Whether it be a gift or not, that is your choice to make. So take action, now.

Beating Procrastination and Laziness

In helping overcome procrastination, access to all the tips in the world is great. Regardless of these tips, action is needed more than anything else. Action produces results and results produce everything you need to face the next adventure.

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