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Proven Ways to Overcome Your Ego

overcome your ego

It isn’t until you find peace will you overcome your ego. That moment and space needed to reflect. The ego isn’t you, but too many times do we allow it the front seat. Too many times do we allow it to misrepresent who we really are. I know that voice too well. We all have it.

What is the ego?

To first speak of anything we must first understand it, right? Wo what is the ego? Just a quick search on Bing and here’s what I came up with:



  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    “a boost to my ego”
    • psychoanalysis
      the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.Compare with id and superego.

The definition speaks for itself. We are not the ego, for it only represents an illusion. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to be did I notice the ego and what it had prevented me from. To overcome your ego is to give yourself permission to be.

The ego is influencing you to be a doctor, buy a nice home, complemented by a few luxury vehicles. It sounds amazing, but the voice that is being overridden doesn’t ask for much. I wanted the money, the cars, the house, and the fancy restaurants until I realized it wasn’t what I wanted. To overcome your ego is to silence its voice. And to silence the voice of the ego is to allow yourself space to check-in. We should all check-in with ourselves.

Overcome Your Ego with Love

The love you have for yourself will always serve as protection. With all the external influence around us, a little internal influence can go a lown way. Therefore, it is vital that we take the time to show up for ourselves. overcome your egoIt is vital that we serve as a reminder of the light that we are. Once you control your ego your light radiates even brighter.

Where there is love within, there leaves no room for outside tampering. That’s because being comfortable with who you are leaves no room for others to alter. Therefore your true gifts will be presented as unique and true. In addition, when you control your ego, you get to hold on to a part of you that was supposed to be.

Adjust When needed

The only thing that is constant is change. That’ll never change. Therefore, it’s imperative that you adjust and adapt. That’s what the adventures of life are all about. All is temporary and none is forever, but God himself. So control the ego and surf the wave of life. No need to combat what not need to be combatted.

Grateful for All Things

Gratitude goes a long way. To allow anything to neglect you that experience is to feed the ego itself. Additionally, when we feed the ego, we gift our experience of living away. Exchange not your truth for an illusion. When you control your ego, you take control over your quality of living.

Being grateful not only enhances your quality of living, but it also increases it. The ego is only concerned with self. And when you’re concerned with self, you seldomly find reasons to be grateful for. Living in gratitude not only helps you overcome your ego but also brings you joy. What a win-win.

The most important thing to remember is that our life requires our constant presence. For this, we owe it to ourselves that we show up. Only through being present can we truly acknowledge the ego. And only through being present can truly begin overcoming what it represents.

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