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Proven Ways to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration and Aura

spiritual vibration

The law of the universe as we know it is made up of pure energy. Therefore, attending to your spiritual vibration should always be a priority. The law of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

That means that this energy within, or without, is constantly in motion. It’s easy to allow our physical appearance to distract us from the form of energy that we are. It’s from this spiritual vibration we are able to generate our energetic frequency.

If you have never heard about the law of attraction, then you understand our ability to magnetize what we want. We all have the ability to manifest the right experiences, the right people, and the right circumstances in our lives.

Just like the radio waves that we are unable to see, your spiritual vibration outputs what we keep on our minds the most. What we keep in our minds, how we express our emotions, and how to navigate our consciousness is constantly being communicated to the universe.

It is from this form of communication, we are able to attract the many people and opportunities towards us. Now, it tends to work both ways whether it be good or bad. What we keep in our minds all day long is what we in turn manifest.

How do you determine what your spiritual vibration is? Only when we live in the present moment can we feel our true presence. In these moments, it’s important that we pay close attention to our state of being. What you are feeling at the current moment? Are you happy, motivated, or satisfied?

Without further ado, I’ll share with you a few tools that can get you tapped back into your spiritual vibrations.


spiritual vibration

Many studies have shown the true powers of meditation. Based on research, practicing meditation helps strengthen our minds, bodies, and souls. Within this process we are able to connect with our minds and thoughts, contributing to more positivity and creativity.

Mediation also, allows the brain to naturally release occurring neurotransmitters, from the most simplest to their deepest forms. I’m not here to preach a sermon, but allowing yourself to be with yourself can manifest a clear mind that can better create.

This is an effective way to increase your spiritual vibration. Allowing yourself a moment of stillness not only helps you clear your mind, but also helps you face and decrease negative thinking. The more you make it a way of living the more it will reward you through its energetic frequency. In turn, a happier, more uplifting life is what you’ll experience.

Spiritual Vibration Requires Detachment

We are surrounded by so many distractions. From the computers, we use to the smartphones can’t live without, can help us in staying connected.  But the truth is, just as much connection is provided, a total disconnect presents. Because the frequency of your phone doesn’t feed your spiritual vibration the same.

Try doing something different by limiting the usage of your phone. Give yourself a time limit that can contribute to your productivity instead of stripping you of it all together. Before you go to sleep, try putting your phone on silent. And when you awake in the morning, be mindful of what it is you put in your mind.

spiritual vibration

Remember, what you put in your mind, can either help rise, or simply fall.

Walk with Those Who Feed You

We all know by now that we are only a product of the people we keep closest to us. Who have you currently allowed a pass in your space and how are they contributing to your well-being?

We all have had a friend that just can’t seem to find something positive to say. We all have that one friend that everything seems to be going wrong in their life. Take a look at how you feel when you are around them. After investing your energy in them, how do you feel? Remember, you may not be able to see your spiritual vibration, but you can still feel it.

Serving Others Raises Your Spiritual Vibration

Let’s face it, there is no better feeling than giving. The truth is, it’s in the most challenging times of my life I found the power of giving. That’s because my focusing on someone else’s needs takes the self-centered thoughts of minds. Serving others not only raises your spiritual vibration, it keeps you happier, healthier, and more fulfilled as well.

So if ever you feel overwhelmed by this world’s challenges, volunteer your time to something greater than you. Take the time to visit a homeless shelter to serve the many that have no clue where they will rest their head. Or, volunteer your time to the hunger to serve the many that have no clue where their next meal will come from.

Your spiritual vibration relies on your ability to see life outside yourself so that you can appreciate more the many blessings you’re constantly gifted. I found that the more gratitude I have, the more happier I become. Also, it reminds me of the abundance I am currently living under.

Wake up today, tomorrow, and the day acknowledging that you are still here. Because with your presence comes the missing piece to this great big world’s puzzle. There is a spot for each and every one of us if only we are willing to take our place.

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