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Proven Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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It is not news that it is naturally of human nature to compare yourself to your peers. You definitely would have done it at one point or the other in life. Yes, it is actually quite challenging to go through life without observing what’s going on in people’s lives and matching it to yours. The comparison might take a new turn depending on you. It could how far others have gone in their career as opposed to yours, how far they have gone in their marriages, etc.

The truth is, whenever you compare yourself to others, you would most probably end up depressed. This is because there would always be someone who has achieved more than you at a younger age and in a quicker time. It’s just life! But not to worry, we would be showing you proven ways to help you stop comparing yourself to others. We would help you snap out of it.


Being tempted to jump in on what your colleague who does better than you is inherent when you compare yourself to them. But that usually (always almost) not the best idea. The solution is always to work on yourself. Stay in your lane and work on making yourself better. You definitely do not have the same purpose or destiny as the other person; hence it’s not wise to compare or copy them.

Do you and resist the urge to do act like another person.

be grateful for where you are

do not compare yourself to others

Whenever you compare yourself to others, you always tend to compare their greater success to yours. You would rarely compare someone doing worse off than you to yourself. But have you ever stopped to check how far you have come? Have you compared yourself to where you have been over the years? The truth is you are your only competition, and you should be grateful for whatever small feats you have accomplished.

Be your only competition and be grateful.


Instead of looking at others and using their present position to look down on yourself, use it to motivate yourself. Look up at them and work on ways to get to that position yourself. Maintain your own growth pace and never be in too much of a hurry. To everything/everyone, there is a time for everything, so do your best, and your time would come.

Let the successes of others be your motivation and not your source of frustration.


Do not beat yourself up too much. It’s OK to be imperfect. No one lives a painless life. Just focus on what is yours and work hard on yourself. The person you might be comparing yourself with might have serious troubles that might even put you off. There is no way you can be perfect; keep trying to improve and making things better for yourself.


never compare yourself

Keep focused on your path, and know that you have an entire life ahead of you to explore and achieve all you want to achieve. Set your mind to the task and walk your path. Where you are today is just a snapshot of your life. You won’t be at the same point tomorrow, so just work arduously on being where you want to be, and you would definitely get there.

Life is in stages, and it’s best to take each step as it comes. Focus!!!

Comparing yourself to others could be a significant source of frustration and depression in life. Staying away from this comparison might prove difficult but trust me, it’s the best thing you can do. We have highlighted some of the ways to keep off comparing yourself in this post, and this would ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life. Set out your personal goals and track it to completion. Your only competition is you.

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