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Proven Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior


Our self-sabotaging behavior and the things we believe will prevent us from living our dreams. We’re all guilty of those moments of giving life power over our experiences. That is why it’s important we pinpoint where it comes from, and how we go about overcoming it.

The environment we create in our lives digs deep. From our personal relationships to our work lives. I must admit, we are all different. I too still struggle with it at times. But part of seeking help, and receiving the help we need is getting to the source.

That is where we add struggles to our lives byways of our self-sabotaging behavior. We all reach a point where a hand is needed. We all reach a point where we must do what we’ve never done in order to get what we’ve never gotten.

Why This Self-Sabotaging Behavior?

What it is you are feeling, I can bet it doesn’t support the person that you are at the core. I know for a fact that it doesn’t align with your core values. This self-sabotaging behavior is just part of the things we do that get in the way of our self-growth. It only keeps us from the very growth we sometimes seek.

When we continue this self-sabotaging behavior, we only delay ourselves from living. Everything in our lives becomes secondary to this state we find ourselves in. The worse thing that can happen is when we accept this habit as our new normal. It can be destructive if not properly managed.

A Tips to Live By

Self-sabotaging behavior isn’t part of how you are. It’s something you do. It isn’t something that defines you. It’s only something that stands in the way of who you’re becoming. There’s never any judgement on this journey of living. So there’s no pressure given. Take your time. Slowly, gradually it will click.

At the end of it all, we have no excuse as to why we shouldn’t be happy. At times, we all need that reminder. I’ll leave you with five.

    1. Be Self-Aware: It’s very important that you spend time in reflection. Time alone is necessary. If not, when will you think? How will you grow? In growth, you must be your greatest critic, embracing the opportunity you get. Take some time throughout the day to check in with yourself. Slow things down and take time for yourself.
    2. Practice Mindfulness: Being mindful involves being in the moment, fully present. Therefore, from the current moment to the next, you’re fully connected. The best part about it is it helps you separate yesterday from today. It also helps us how to respond to challenging people or situations.


  1. You Should Be Your Bestfriend: Be not too critical of yourself as it contributes to such self-sabotaging behavior we’d do to stay away from. The best way around it is to replace such thoughts with more nurturing ones. If you can change the emotion, you can change the reaction. With that, an entirely different experience.
  2. Embrace Your Greatness: We all own something no one else does. It’s important that we not only acknowledge it, but we take full ownership of it. Embracing your weaknesses without acknowledging your strengths, leaves you weak. With the continual acknowledgment of your greatness, you will develop self-love. Oh, how beautiful it is to be loved by you.
  3. Work with A Therapist: Don’t let them fool you. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for a little bit of help. Those who seek growth seek every opportunity presented to them. Find one you are comfortable with and be open to being fully transparent.

Final Thoughts

Self-sabotaging behavior is something we can all work through. It’s usually at the root, are negative beliefs. It is those very beliefs that affect our relationships, our work, and our dreams. Be a bit patient with yourself. Along the way, be forgiving of your own progress. It may not always be perfect, but if you follow some of the tips I provided, you’ll be well on your way.

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