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Proven Ways to Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

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I’m a creative genius. As much as I may come off a bit full of myself, you would too if you knew you had it in you. The truth is, we all have superpowers. Whether or not we choose to expose them becomes the question.

My fascination with the world and everything in it started from a young age. I was always intrigued by what I’d been exposed to. Every time I looked around me, all I could see is the beauty that I’d been blessed with. It brought me inner peace. I didn’t know it was a blessing then, but the way it made me feel told the story.

I have to admit, I’m a people watcher. In better terms, I’m one of the biggest observers you’ll ever meet. That’s because I love to see life take shape. It’s not always about what is. Sometimes the process tells a story the end result fails to. My inner creative spirit allows me to see life as a progress piece of art, forever evolving.

When we hear the word creative genius, we tend to connect it directly to art. But what does art itself have to do with it? I’ve always been curious about people and the things they do. Because understanding the many people around me gave me a better understanding of myself.

That’s what allows me to connect. I can say having the ability to see myself in others improved the way I viewed life. After all, my ability to see myself in you is what enables me to connect with you more. My inner creative mind allows me to see more than what’s in front of me.

If you are to tap into your creative genius, follow me a bit

Explore Your Inner Creative

What do you do outside of what you always do? In other words, do you live in a box, or have you taken the time to allow yourself room to move? It’s a beautiful world out there. The more you expose yourself to it, the more you’re able to experience it.

Your inner creative sense of being doesn’t play it safe. That’s because that’s the part of you that stretches you, expanding the greatness that you are. If you are to experience more, it’s necessary that you expose yourself more. See more, do more, feel more. How else do you create a masterpiece?

Recreate Your Environment

Your inner creative mind is your environment. That’s because everything you are, everything you experience is based on your perspective of living. We all hear the saying, “You are who you hang with.”

inner creative

If that saying is true, so is your participation. That’s because you took part in the outcome that is now presented. You chose, you accepted, and selected everyone in your circle. Why? Well, this is the doing of your creative genius. We are all painting a picture, and part of our creative expression contributes to it all. Therefore, the ones that we keep around us are all a result of the creation we seek to create.

Why Stand Still When You Can Move

Get going! There is never a reason to not get started. What could you possibly be waiting for? There are no answers that could possibly stop you, are there? After all, movement is positive and impacts the way we think.

Studies show a correlation between moving and positivity. My years of studying in college have taught me the value of movement. Whenever I felt a lack of confidence, I’d go for a run or bike ride and before you knew it, my inner creative genius was right back at it again.

You see, it’s easy to stop and do nothing. That’s because it doesn’t cost a thing to do nothing. But moving is just like the gear of an engine. Without it, you’re unable to get your motor running. Without it, there is no such progress.

So if you’re looking to jump-start your inner creative spirit, it’s about time you get moving. Move, shake, dance, but whatever you do, let not a second keep you stuck. There’s no need to go too extreme. Just a little movement. Because from that slow movement, a spark will come. And from that spark, a new beginning is born.

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