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Secrets to Deal with Your Fear of Rejection

fear of rejection

When you really think about it, none of us were meant to go through it alone. For this reason, many of us fear rejection. The idea of not being accepted can be really hard for us to deal with.

As for the business world, getting your job application rejected can be a bit hard to deal with. To not be called back from an interview sometimes leaves us looking inward. As good as it is to look inward when the lens we choose to look through begins to break us, a shift is needed.

For those of us that have lived there, our fear of rejection is a result of our worth. We feel that it represents our lack thereof, rather than just a bad fit. There’s a constant measuring fest that’s going on and we’re all going through it.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in the rut of things, here are a few thoughts that I believe can help spark a shift. It did it for me and it can also do it for you.

1.) If You’re Afraid of Rejection Be prepared for it

The more we face it the more our fears grow. That can be a problem we create if there’s something we’re really striving for. So how do you get over your fear of rejection? Well, you prepare for it. The issue is never what you perceive as loss. It’s the emotions attached to it that make all the difference.

The thoughts you keep, are the actions you speak. Therefore, how you define and interpret the event can allow you an entirely different experience. As you prepare for it, what is the feeling this fear of rejection is causing? As you process it all, slow down your response so that you hear it. Then ask yourself, “Is it really true? Am I really a failure? Am I really not good enough? I mean, haven’t I given it my best?”

Let’s be honest, we can always do better. But not doing better, doesn’t mean we’re not good enough. It only means there’s an opportunity for us to do better. There’s an opportunity for us to grow.

And sometimes, there lies a blessing in what you perceive as rejection.

2.) A Blessing is Always Present

Ever heard the saying, everything happens for a reason? Well, as much of a band-aide it may say, sometimes it shines through. And sometimes what we perceive as opportunities aren’t opportunities at all. And sometimes, it isn’t, that you’re being rejected. Sometimes, what you represent lets them know that they are not a great fit for you.

fear of rejection

Too many times does the future reveal its purpose. Therefore, isn’t it about time we trust the process? When we accept, we’re able to see things as they are, instead of what we create them to be. The fear of rejection can do that to you. Therefore, it’s important that we’re fair in the narratives we create. Our progress relies on it.

The path is constantly being created for you. You have to accept it as such so that you’re constantly walking through it. A growth mindset feeds, while the opposite recedes. The fear of rejection is nothing outward. It’s everything you say it is. It’s everything you believe it to be.

Continue to focus on the blessing. It’s right in front of you. It will direct you, but it also guide you according to your needs. Live doesn’t always give you want. But it surely provides us all with what we need although we may not always accept it as such.

3.) It’s All in How You React

Michael Jordan was kicked off his High School basketball team. But back in 1985, Steve Jobs was rejected from his own company. He would move on to purchase an animation company by the name of Pixar that would help generate his first billion dollars. This company is now the best animation studio of any other today. Talk about bouncing forward.

When our experiencing rejection gets the best of us, there’s always an opportunity incapsulated. We just have to be willing to receive it and accept it fully as such. The opportunity to learn and grow and create answers to your many questions. As I mentioned before, there’s always an opportunity to get better. Therefore, when that opportunity comes, embrace it. The only thing constant in life is change. Because of that, we have to be willing to remold ourselves as time goes by.

If you’re not constantly looking for ways to change or grow, you’re playing the wrong game. Part of the change is growth. And part of growth is accepting and embracing change for the opportunity that it is. So continue to ask yourselves all the necessary questions that contribute to tearing down this fear of rejection by accepting all the gifts that come along with it.

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