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Seize the Moment Or It Ceases You

seize the moment

Regardless of what life may serve you, always seize the moment for within every moment, an opportunity. Staying connected and aware is necessary, as we continue to define our circumstances and in-betweens of our lives. Seizing the moment allows us to redirect our focus. Are we going to focus on the uneventful, or are we going to move past it gracefully?

Disappointment only comes when we are unwilling to readjust to the curveballs of life.  In such a paralyzed state, we find ourselves stuck in places we were born to navigate through. Therefore, when you seize the moment, you realize that a curveball is a temporary barrier between you and your destination. It doesn’t define the moment, it only intensifies it.

Seizing the moment builds your “grab by the horn” muscle. When Murphy’s Law comes knocking, our accepting the moment becomes vital. The feeling of life or death automatically kicks in for me because I know that if I’m not living this moment, I’m trading it in for a slow death. Days, minutes, even seconds are hard to come by these days. “Garbage in, garbage out,” as they say it. It only feels that way if we program our enjoyments around events instead of all of the moments we’re blessed with.

 Create the Best With What You’re Given

Life is way more than just one thing. It changes from time to time, and so should you. Rigidity lacks flexibility and liquidity invites endless possibilities. When you’re day is treating you badly, you surrender the right to create the day you truly envision. Plus, let not the day treat you when you could be so busy treating it.

Take advantage of your day and seize each moment it provides. Every event is staged to prepare you for the next one. Embrace the opportunity, the challenge, the journey that life has to share. Life is never against you, it’s with you. Question is, have you considered the many routes it provides you or are you stuck within a pattern that leaves you empty? Each moment is a blessing so make each moment count. Create each moment as a gift knowing that every time you unwrap it anew awaits.

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    • Giovanni Azaël

      So honored. There are so many things we are unable to control, but the few we have the ability to are so powerful. Therefore, the little we control gives us everything we need…if we allow it to.

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